10 Things In Your Messenger Bag When Travelling

10 Things You Probably Have In Your Bag When Travelling

If you see me, you’ll usually see me with a messenger bag. I have grown used to having one wherever I go because of things I need to bring with me that’s not enough for just the pants pockets.

I bought this Kenneth Cole Reaction Messenger Bag from Wilson’s Leather when I went to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Aside from having it on sale, I found it was very stylish, had a lot of compartments. It’s just the perfect size – bigger than pockets and smaller than backpacks.

As I travel both locally and abroad, I find I have a fixed set of things I usually have in my bag.

Best Things to Have in Your Messenger Bag


You know you want to just listen to your own thing when you’re commuting on the subway, bus, train or airplane.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones. These headphones are so portable that they fit snugly in the bag.

If I don’t need to bring the headphones, I put my camera inside instead. The Sony A6500 fits nicely inside, which is why I bought this one to begin with. I wanted a really portable one.

Phone, tablet or e-reader

With phones getting bigger and bigger, some people prefer storing them in the bag.

I usually put my smartphone in my pocket. However, when I’m charging my phone with a portable charger or wearing something with small/no pockets, I usually put the phone in the bag.

For some people, this can easily be an e-reader or a tablet.

Portable Charger

You know you don’t want to get stuck without your electronics. I actually bring two chargers because, doing this full-time, I cannot have my gadgets die on me.

Luckily, during the CES, I was able to get a myCharge RazorUltra Portable Charger.


Gotta keep them handy when I’m going out during the day.


Some of you probably have them in your wallet. I have a stack of these that I keep in the bag so it’s handy and doesn’t clutter my wallet.

Business Cards

You’ll most likely have this in your wallet as well. But I keep extras in the bag, and I also keep business cards I receive from other people here when travelling.

Hand sanitizer

Dirty hands is always an issue. You definitely don’t want to get sick when travelling.

I try to keep a hand sanitizer in my bag, usually the travel-sized Purell hand sanitizer.

Random stuff

pens, vitamins, lip balm, pocket tissues, etc…


You just have to when you’re travelling.

Travel Wallet

This maybe the least common. But no joke, I have an extra wallet for when I travel outside Canada.

My home wallet has so more things that I don’t really need when I travel. This also allows me to split the currency easily.

Right now, my travel wallet’s a Tommy Hilfiger trifold wallet.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Messenger Bag

Just an overview of the messenger bag so you can see how all the things above can fit.

The exterior features durable 1680D and dobby polyester with PVC trim and fully lined interior, roomy, single gusset top zip construction. The front exterior features an open top pocket and two zipper pockets for quick access.

Kenneth Cole Reaction messenger bag

The front exterior zipper pocket features an organizer to hold your business essentials. This includes an open top mesh pocket, a zipper pocket, a phone pocket, and pen holders.

Kenneth Cole Reaction messenger bag: front exterior zipper pocket

The main compartment includes an ipad/tablet pocket and is padded to hold a 12.1-inch laptop or tablet.

Kenneth Cole Reaction messenger bag: main compartment

The rear exterior has a grab strap for easy handling, permanent, adjustable, and padded shoulder strap.

I really love this bag and highly recommend it. You can probably buy it from a store or on Amazon.


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