The Boil Bar – Scarborough Review

The Boil Bar’s ambiance is very nice and trendy, with seafood related things on the walls. They also teamed up with Preso Tea so you can have Bubble Tea as you eat seafood boil. I actually found the combination pretty good as the milk tea washes the spiciness of the boil sauce.

NOTE: I haven’t tried Captains Boil yet so I can’t compare it to that.

1. Fanny Bay Oysters: these are sourced from Diana’s Seafood and I’m already a fan of Diana’s for Oysters. So this is a win!

2. Craw Fish in Cajun Sauce (Mild Spicy): If you’re not used to craw fish, you might be thinking what’s the point of getting them. For me, these are micro lobsters. And being micro, the meat is tastier than big lobsters. There’s a trick to getting the meat out of craw fish so be sure to research beforehand so you don’t get frustrated.

What I didn’t like about this boil in general is that the sauce doesn’t really go into the meat since it is covered by the shell. I wish they split the head and body first before tossing it in the boil so they sauce has a chance to go in. So I couldn’t really taste the Cajun sauce except if I dip it in after removing the meat. The Mild Spicy is very mild.

3. Mussel in Garlic Sauce (A Bit Spicy): I really loved this. The taste of garlic isn’t too strong to overpower the seafood but just enough to heighten the flavour. As a spicy food lover, I enjoyed the A Bit Spicy level than the Mild.

4. King Crab Leg in Lemon Pepper Sauce (A Bit Spicy): The most expensive of the choices. The King Crab is meaty and flavourful on its own. I wish they cracked this going into the bag as well as the sauce didn’t really get that much into the meat. Some parts of the crab also has very pointy shell so it maybe painful to hold it with your hands. This is why I stay away from King Crab in general and prefer my other seafood choices.

5. Clams in House Sauce (Mild Spicy): I really loved the clams. Much more than the mussels I think as this reminds me of eating Manila Clams. So fresh and delicious. And the sauce really sticks to the clam so you get the full-on flavour. The House Sauce is so delicious!

6. Baked Lobster: OMG I really loved this. The meat was so tender and flavourful and the cheese is just oozing out of this dish. Loved it! And it wasn’t overcooked.

7. Grilled Sweet Corn (Dessert): This was the first time I had something like this. It’s very unique and delicious. Corn lovers will definitely love this.

All in all, The Boil bar is a very delicious seafood joint. The seafood are very fresh and the sauces have a variety that are different from one another. My favorite sauces are the Garlic and House Sauces.

The Boil Bar
633 Silver Star Boulevard, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1V 5N1

Disclaimer: Though this was complimentary as provided by The Boil Bar, all opinions are my own.

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