Max’s Restaurant | Chicken Sisig | Vaughan, Ontario

Since I loved their chicken sisig when I had Max in the Philippines, I was surely trying it on my first visit to Max Toronto. 😫 Blech, What is this?! What we got here was nowhere even near the one in the Philippines.

First, the meat was just in huge chunks instead of being coarsely minced and chopped as what a sisig should be. It’s like eating non-fried chicken popcorn with some minced onions and stuff.

Second, the meat was white meat instead of dark meat. This maybe because they’re targeting more to non-Filipinos who prefer healthy white meat. But this is not what someone who drove all the way to eat what they had in the Philippines comes to expect. Because they used chicken breast, the dish was dry and there was just no flavour at all. Don’t do substitutes that you can’t pull off! I was hugely disappointed 😥.

Third, usually chicken sisig (at least from Max in the Philippines and in Casa Manila in Toronto), is a little saucy. This is because chicken in general has less flavour than pork. And if you’re using Chicken Breast, you better put that sauce because it ends up exactly like what we had: dry, bland and just disappointing. 😭

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