Teara Lab | Red Wine Braised Beef Sandwich | Toronto, Ontario

Teara Lab Japanese Fusion Sandwiches | Red Wine Braised Beef Sandwich | Toronto, Ontario |

This is one gourmet meal in a sandwich. Can’t wait to try more when they open. Red wine reduction and melt-in-your-mouth tender braised beef πŸ˜‹!! I was amazed how good this is. The braised beef is something I would order on a high end restaurant, even then it’s hard to get it that tender and flavourful.

This was my very first pre-opening media testing event, where the restaurant invites foodies to taste test before opening so they can change menu or improve the food in time for the opening. There are some things I think they can improve on: Being in a sandwich, the bottom bread got soggy with the sauce and since the braised beef were so tender and in chunks, it was falling out off the sandwich when you eat it.

Thanks to @sweven_media for inviting me to the media testing.


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