Sushitto On The Road | Sushi Burrito | Toronto, Ontario

Travelling Foodie Eats: Sushi Burrito from Sushitto On The Road

The very first to bring this to Toronto is Sushitto On The Road. I finally got to try this as I was never willing to line-up as they can go up to at least an hour. I got the Spicy Salmon Sushi Burrito since that was the only one they had at that time.

Who likes sushi? Who likes burrito? Then how about Sushi + Burrito = Sushitto! It’s a very simple concept that I’m surprised it’s just becoming popular now as it’s basically a very big maki roll.

The overall taste is good and I like the spiciness of this. However, they were having issues that day so they ended up selling pre-made sushi burrito which was not fresh anymore and the seaweed was soggy so it was hard to hold and eat it as it was falling apart. There’s not a lot of salmon as well so I’m not sure it’s worth the premium price of $10 (though I got mine for $5 because it was pre-made).

I personally still prefer just having a regular maki roll to be honest. What are your thoughts?