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Travelling Foodie Eats and Drinks: Wings, Dry Ribs and Beer at Earl's King Street

Last night, a group of us Instagram foodies Anh (@hangry_foodies), Niki (@fourfeetten), Brian (@b_laii) and Mike (@tdotmike) went to Earl’s King Street as requested by Niki since she’s never been. Anh and I were the first to arrive 5 minutes prior to our 5:45PM reservation, and had to wait until 5:55PM to be seated. We were seated at the dining room near the washrooms. One thing we noticed when we seated was IT WAS SO HOT HERE! People around were sweating and fanning themselves with the menu. What is wrong with the AC here?

On Wednesdays, their daily features was Wings for $7.50 and a 12oz Rhino Sleeves for $5. Anh and I were both hungry and couldn’t wait for the rest to arrive. I ordered the Lager Rhino Sleeve and a pound of salt and pepper wings. This has been my go-to here for Wednesdays drink nights with some friends. Anh wanted to try the Leroy’s Crispy Ribs.

The wings is the typical wings as I remember it. Just your regular wings but it’s good enough for a trendy bar place in downtown. Leroy’s Crispy Ribs was dry, even on the inside. OK, I know it’s dry ribs, but I didn’t expect the meat to be dry too. This was rather disappointing considering an $11.25 price tag. The beer was disappointingly not ice-cold. Considering how hot it was in the dining room, I really wanted the beer cold. What’s worse is, since it was so hot inside and the beer wasn’t ice-cold, the beer got warm pretty fast. Thumbs down!

As we were finishing these appetizers, Niki and Mike arrived. And first thing they noted was how hot it was inside too. They decided to order the Chili Chicken and Wontons, which we all found dry (the chicken meat itself) and Niki noted that she was actually expecting wonton like Chinese Wontons, not like crumbs of wontons.

When Brian arrived, we ordered our mains. It took a while for me to decide since nothing caught my eye on the menu. However, I remember eating The Bronx Burger here before and found it really good. So I decided to go for a burger. Unfortunately, the Bronx Burger was not there anymore. The most interesting burger I can find is the Royale with Cheese Burger, which I ordered with another round of Rhino Sleeve.

The Royale with Cheese Burger comes with beer infused cheddar, portebello mushrooms, bacon jam and served on a brioche bun. I upgraded my fries to truffle fries for $2. It was so disappointing. I actually didn’t like this burger at all. First, nowhere did the description said it had pickles, but it actually came with 3 huge slices of pickles which I had to pick out because I hate pickles. Also, I tasted something sour when I ate even after removing the pickles. Looking at the ingredients, there was nothing that’s supposed to be sour (except maybe jam in general, but this was bacon jam!). It ruined my overall taste of the burger as it overpowered the burger. On top of that, the toppings were all falling apart especially the bacon jam. I can’t even put my taste on the beer infused cheddar anymore. It was either negligible or overpowered by the sour taste as well. I can’t believe this burger is $18 – so not worth it! The truffle fries were good and had a strong truffle taste. But there were fries I tried where it was overfried so it was bursting with oil as I ate it.

Overall, a very disappointing night. Looks like I’ll have to stick to cheap wings and beer here going forward.

Earl’s King Street
150 King Street West Unit 100, Toronto ON

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