Delicious All-You-Can-Eat Japanese BBQ at Gyubee | Markham, Ontario

I’m finally glad to see a Japanese BBQ in the GTA. Gyubee is the first All You Can Eat one I’ve heard of. There’s another Japanese BBQ downtown called Gyu Kaku but it’s not AYCE.

The Price is $17.99 for lunch and $29.99 for dinner. I went here for dinner since it was after work. Gyubee’s menu is quite good in variety. There 4 beef items, 3 pork items, 2 chicken items, 2 seafood, around 6 vegetable items, 6 appetizer items, 3 carb items and 2 desserts.

On the first round, we tried all the meats available since that’s what they recommended for first timers.

We did 2 more round of ordering after but we just stuck to our favorites: house marinated beef kalbi (in the photo), pork cheek, shrimps, corn, king mushroom, salmon carpaccio, enoki mushrooms.

The bibimbop was good too, but of course rice is a filler in ayce so don’t eat a lot of this!

One thing to note is the slices of meat are cut very thin so you need to pay attention in the bbq or it gets burnt pretty fast.

I’m so happy Gyubee has the salmon carpaccio as it balances the pretty heavy bbq meats. And it also balances my love for raw fish.

For dessert, they only allow 1 melona ice cream power person of either mango or Strawberry flavour. Love the mango!! Their creme brulee is ayce and is so good and perfectly torched!

Gyubee has definitely become one of my go-to AYCE when I’m craving bbq meat! P.S. They are now open in Downtown Toronto as well! Have you been yet? Let me know what you think!

Gyubee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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