Yelp Elite Event: El Party-o on El Patio at El Caballito | Toronto, Ontario

Travelling Foodie attends Yelp Elite Event at El Patio

On July 25, 2016, Yelp Toronto held its Yelp Elite Event at El Patio of El Caballito!

El Caballito was closed for the entire event and the entire Yelp Elite crowd was at the back which had their patio, El Patio.

As we came in, drinks were already ready at the bar for us to grab. We got to try two of their drinks: Margarita and Red Wine House Sangria.

On the tables, guacamole and chips (taro and totopos were already available. It was so windy that day that some of the buckets of chips actually flew to the floor!
Travelling Foodie Eats Guacamole at El Patio

As we settled in, tacos started to come out. We got to try three kinds of tacos: pork belly, chicken tinga and ruelos poblana. My favorite was the pork belly. Travelling Foodie Eats Pork Belly Tacos at El Patio

During the event, there was also an instagram photo contest where the winner won $25 giftcard to El Caballito and a Yelp bell.

When the event ended, each person at the event got an El Caballito Club Card, which gives us free Guacamole and Chips everyday for 3 months.

Such an amazing El Party-o event! Thanks to Yelp Toronto team for setting this up and to El Caballito for hosting!

DISCLAIMER: Though I received the meal complimentary as part of the event, the opinions in the review are my own.

El Patio at El Caballito
145 Pearl St, Toronto, ON M5H 1K4

El Party-o On El Patio