SushiBurri | Sushi Burrito Review | Toronto, Ontario

Travelling Foodie Eats Sushi Special Burrito at SushiBurri Food Truck
I went today for lunch since the SushiBurri Food Truck was right outside my office at Roy Thompson Hall, and I was in the mood for sushi burrito. At 12:05PM, there was not much line up – I was 4th in line. It’s either the sushi burrito hype is dying down, or people have tried it and have the same experience as me.

I got the Full Size Sushi Special (Tuna, White Tuna, Salmon) for $16 which is essentially 2x of their $10 half portion. This is very pricey considering other popular places charge $13. First thing to notice is the size is not consistent. One of my half is bigger than the other. The burrito looks like it has a good share of fish, and it also looks pretty so I was very excited.

I went to the food court just below Roy Thompson Hall so I can eat better and take some photos as well. The nightmare started there:

– Overall taste was bland

– Seaweed was soggy

– Seaweed didn’t fully wrap around the entire burrito so it falls apart as I am just a few bites in

– It’s so watery! As I grab a half, stuff started leaking – I don’t know what it is! I haven’t even put soy sauce yet. This is scary as it can mean that it’s frozen fish that was recently thawed. Video of leaking Sushi Burrito

I have yet to understand what’s good about this sushi burrito fad. Why can’t a sushi maki roll be enough?

Travelling Foodie Eats Soaked Sushi Burrito at SushiBurri Food Truck

Sushi Burrito from SushiBurri not fully wrapped

Sushi Burrito from SushiBurri falling apart

Have you had sushi burrito from SushiBurri Food Truck? What did you think of it?