Kame Omakase, one of the best Omakase in Las Vegas, Nevada

Travelling Foodie eats at Kame Omakase, Las Vegas

Kame Omakase is one of the top sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. Chef Eric Kim opened Kame next door to his Yummi Grill & Sushi to offer an elevated experience like no other.

Chef Eric sources his seafood similar to other top sushi restaurants in The Strip but, since Kame is Off Strip, he’s able to offer a much cheaper price of $165/person. He explains that because he’s a Korean doing sushi, he actually works ten times more than Japanese chefs in bringing the sushi experience to his diners.

Kame Omakase, Las Vegas

I went here with my brother and sister during our Las Vegas trip this year. The spot is very hidden – your landmark will be Yummi Grill & Sushi, which is where we actually first went in to thinking it’s the same location. The sushi bar seats 8 people only and the Omakase lasts for 2 hours.

I’m a big lover of sushi and Japanese cuisine in general. Suffice to say, Kame was the best omakase experience I’ve had so far. Exceptional quality, great presentation, spot-on service, and an amazing and friendly chef.


Without further ado, here’s what we had at the Kame Omakase experience! The experience was a mix of kaiseki and edomae style (sushi) omakase.

Here’s a video of the entire omakase:

We started off with some Kaiseki-style omakase:
Kumamoto Oyster: one with uni and caviar, one with toro with caviar
Kumamoto Oyster

Chilean Seabass with king oyster mushroom
Chilean Seabass with king oyster mushroom at Kame Omakase, Las Vegas

Monkfish Liver (from Alaska) with ocean sea trout eggs

Live Scallop (from east coast) with caviar
Live Scallop (from east coast) with caviar at Kame Omakase, Las Vegas

– A beautiful platter with fresh wasabi consisting of Hairy Crab (from Hokkaido), Baby Abalone (from Seattle) with flying fish egg, Orange Clam (from California) with mustard dressing, Pickled Squash with fresh kelp
Hairy Crab, Baby Abalone, Orange Clam, Pickled Squash platter at Kame Omakase, Las Vegas

Live Lobster (from Maine) with sea urchin (from San Diego), caviar, kamashita toro, 23 karat gold flake
Live Lobster with sea urchin

Lobster Soup: Boiled for 3 hours with lobster head roe, manila clam, shimeji mushrooms, enoki mushooms, and lobster ball made from lobster skin

After the soup, we then had the Edomae-style omakase where we were served sushi, masterfully crafter by Chef Eric, one peace at a time.
Ji Kinmedai/Golden Eye Fish with sea salt: Did you know? Ji Kinmedai is higher quality than regular Kinmedai since it comes from another island called Ji.
Madai/Snapper (from Japan) with lime citrus
Maguro/Big Eye Tuna (from Hawaii)
Blue Fin Tuna/Hon Maguro (from Spain)
Kamachira O-toro (from Spain): Did you know? Kamachira is the part closest to the cheek.
Mirudai/Giant Clam
Shako/Mantis Shrimp

When you think it’s all over, there’s still the final rounds of the Kaiseki:

Brown rice mixed with roe of Hairy Crab (Kani Miso) with seaweed, O-toro, Uni, Caviar, Quail egg and Ocean Trout Caviar
Brown rice mixied with sashimi

Lobster with Sea Urchin Sauvignon Blanc sauce
Lobster with Sea Urchin Sauvignon Blanc sauce at Kame Omakase, Las Vegas

Supposed to be, it would be the dessert course next but Chef Eric was very happy that night and gave some extra items for all of us:

Organic Pork (from Australia) in Volcano stone with Wakamomo (spring season peach) and sea salt (from Australia): The pig from which the meat came from is fed with acord and natural grass.
Pork in Volcano stone with Wakamom at Kame Omakase, Las Vegas

A5 Kagoshima Wagyu
A5 Kagoshima Wagyu

O-toro Sushi with gold flakes

Now it’s really time for dessert. We got a choice between black sesame or Hojicha green tea ice cream. I got the Hojicha green tea ice cream, and it was so delicious with its strong umami taste!

When the Omakase was over, all seven of us diners applauded Chef Eric for the amazing experience. The family dining along with us was celebrating a birthday so they decided to buy Chef Eric a round of beer. Chef Eric was nice enough to give all of us a round of EchigO beer, a Japanese premium red ale. I’ve never had that before.

When we were really over, we had some time to mingle and thank Chef Eric – and of course take a photo with him.
Travelling Foodie with Chef Eric of Kame Omakase, Las Vegas

This is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas I’ve been to!

For photos of the complete Omakase, check out my Facebook Album here.

Have you been to Kame Omakase? What’s the best omakase in Las Vegas for you?

Kame Las Vegas
7331 W Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89128

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