Hello from Raymond, the Travelling Foodie! I’m a Traveler and Foodie based in Toronto. I mix both my passion in food and travel by travelling the world to tour cities, explore nature and eat various cuisines. My travel and food blog focuses on these aspects of my journey.

Taste Life. Enjoy the World Around You. This is the slogan I live by. There is so much beauty in this world, and my vision is for people to realize its beauty and appreciate the world we live in. I incorporate food in my travels as I believe food is an integral part of travel in learning about one’s culture and way of life. I hope this journey inspires you to bring out your inner Travelling Foodie as I believe everyone is a Travelling Foodie at heart.

When I was young, my family would usually go on trips every year for summer vacation. This travel and food lifestyle has become a natural part of my life, and I love it! There is just so much beauty in the world that needs to be shared, and that includes the beauty of food as well.

I’ve always loved taking photos of my food and travels for remembrance even as a kid. It’s a way to remember where I was, what I ate and what I thought of things at that time – sort of like a visual diary. I initially posted them all in my personal Facebook but then decided it would be nice to share in Instagram for more people to see. During a 2-week National Park road trip and food trip in the USA in 2014, I started Travelling Foodie to share my experiences in food and travel with the rest of the world.

Since I’m Toronto-based, I post a lot on all things Toronto. As I’m also a Traveler and I love travelling a lot, I also cover all aspects of my travels be it food, nature, travel. Wherever the plane or fork will take me. 🙂

Of the notable restaurants outside Canada, I’ve been to Alinea (Chicago), El Celler de can Roca (Spain), Oud Sluis (Netherlands), Robuchon a Galera (Macau), Jean-Gorges (NYC), Antonio’s and Aubergine (Philippines), Raymond’s (Newfoundland) and L’atelier de Joel Robuchon (Las Vegas)

If you have any questions on my services, what I can do to help your business, or simply would like to connect/partner with me, please do not hesitate to contact me! You can visit the Media Page to see the collaborations I’ve done and brands I’ve partnered with.

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