Hello from Raymond, the Travelling Foodie! I’m a Traveler and Foodie based in Toronto.

Brief Background
I was raised as a Travelling Foodie. Originally from the Philippines, every summer, my family would always travel for vacation. With an Asian culture revolving around food and parents who operated a fast food business, food has been integral even in travels where we always explored food to get ideas for the business.

Even then, I’ve always loved taking photos of my food and travels for remembrance as a kid. It’s a way to remember where I was, what I ate and what I thought of things at that time – sort of like a visual diary. That’s why you will see A LOT of pictures/videos in my works.

Moving to Canada for University opened up more opportunities to travel and see the world. I initially posted my experiences on my personal Facebook but then decided it would be nice to share them with everyone who appreciates food and travel so they can get ideas and recommendations.

During a 2-week National Park road and food trip in the USA in 2014, this passion led to the start of Travelling Foodie.

Taste Life. Enjoy the World Around You.
This is the motto I live by. Travelling Foodie’s vision is for people to realize the beauty in this world we live in and experience what it has to offer in aspects of food and drinks, travel and nature, and lifestyle and events.

I love all things food so I feature a range of food topics: city’s best or new restaurants and cultural dishes, events, to specialty food and drink products when travelling or at home. My Instagram account, @TravellinFoodie, is dedicated just for the food liftstyle!

I love exploring the world, covering aspects of the exploration: culture, nature, events, things to do, where to eat and stay. Food is also incorporated in travels as a Travelling Foodie believes that food is an integral part of travel in learning about one’s culture and way of life. My Instagram account, @TravellingFoodieExplores, is dedicated just for travel lifestyle!

I love talking about products that make the travel and food lifestyle better, from useful products when travelling to home products that save time for more travel or help make dining experiences better.

Since I’m Toronto-based, I post a lot of things about Toronto. As I’m also a Traveler, I also cover all aspects of my travels be it food, nature, travel – wherever the plane or fork will take me. 🙂

As of February 2017, I’m so excited to be living out this passion and dream full-time! It’s funny where your passion leads you. I had no background in social media nor marketing. I graduated with a background in Computer Science and was a software development manager before leaving to do this fulltime. Never in a million years would I have expected doing this for a living… #ChaseYourPassion!

Here’s a photo of me with Chef Joan Roca at El Celler de can Roca. I visited here back in January 2012 when they were No. 2 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Of the notable restaurants outside Canada, I’ve been to Alinea (Chicago), El Celler de can Roca (Spain), Oud Sluis (Netherlands), Robuchon a Galera (Macau), Jean-Gorges (NYC), Antonio’s and Aubergine (Philippines), Raymond’s (Newfoundland) and L’atelier de Joel Robuchon (Las Vegas)

If you have any questions on my services, what I can do to help your business, or simply would like to connect/partner with me, please do not hesitate to contact me! You can visit the Media Page to see the collaborations I’ve done and brands I’ve partnered with.

Please contact me via email: itstravellingfoodie[@]gmail[.]com

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