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Aroma Day Spa, Luxury Spa Experience in Markham

Previous called Discovery Day Spa, Aroma Day Spa is a spacious 5,000 square foot day spa in Markham that offers wellness, beauty and relaxation services ranging from foot reflexology and massage to facials and manicures.

As a Traveling Foodie, massage is definitely one of my favourite ways to relax and recharge from travelling or work.

Aroma Day Spa in Markham

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Inside Aroma Day Spa in Markham

When we went inside Aroma Day Spa, there’s a slipper rack right by the entrance door, but we were not asked if we wanted to change to slippers.

The waiting area is very spacious and nicely decorated with bamboo designs and a stone fountain, but the zen forest theme illusion quickly gets ruined by the big long display of beauty products for sale right next to the fountain.

Beauty Product Display at Aroma Day Spa in Markham

Beside the waiting lounge is the beauty bar. However, the divider between the two is a see-through glass.

I don’t know but if it were me in the beauty bar, I’d feel uncomfortable that random people in the waiting lounge can see what’s going on in the beauty bar.

There’s a hallway that goes around in a square. This is where the massage and facial rooms are.

The rooms are very spacious and nicely decorated with proper furniture. You will also see metal handlebars in the ceiling since they have the type of massage where the masseuse will stand on you.

Some rooms have showers in them. It seems like they don’t regularly check the bottles as we found empty bottles of shampoo and body wash in our shower.

Aroma Day Spa doesn’t have a lot of options for drinks and food, unlike other spas I’ve been to.

For drinks, they only have water and jasmine green tea. And for food, they only serve fresh fruits (in which case was orange and grapes for us).

In-Room Shower

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Massage Services at Aroma Day Spa

45-minute foot massage ($45)

When we were about to start, the masseuse asked whether I wanted to change to a pair of shorts that they provide or stick to the jeans I’m wearing (which I can roll up). I opted to stick to jeans since it is normally what I do in other places.

I had my feet soaked in hot water for 15 minutes, and then the masseuse took my feet out to dry them up and get ready for the foot massage. She didn’t introduce herself coming in.

One thing I noticed was she tried to roll-up my jeans further but it wouldn’t anymore so she just left it the way it is. This somewhat bothered me.

I felt that there was a reason she wanted to roll it up further (e.g. massaging more area above the knee). She should’ve asked if I wanted to change to shorts after this fact.

I would’ve changed to shorts had I known my jean roll-up was not high enough because I don’t want to miss out on what she had in store for the massage. But she decided to start the massage anyway.

When she started the massage, she asked if the firmness is good. I really liked the foot massage as it started with the correct firmness for me and it was consistent all throughout.

And what I liked the most, which is one of my criteria and very hard to do for foot massage, was it was hard and firm without being painful all throughout.

Massage Room at Aroma Day Spa in Markham

45-minute relaxation massage therapy ($50)

After my foot massage, I had the body massage. This time, it was a guy who did the massage.

The guy didn’t introduce himself as well, nor did he ask if there was specific areas I would like for him to focus on.

He also didn’t ask if there are any areas that need to be avoided. Though there is none for me, I know high-blooded people cannot get the back of their necks massaged.

I actually prefer a guy doing the body massage because they are inherently strong in massage so it’s good that Aroma Day Spa has an option for a male masseuse.

He started with my back by pressing some pressure points to figure out the firmness then started the actual massage. He asked me if the firmness was ok.

It was just right: correctly firm without being painful.

As he was switching from hands to elbow on my back, I noticed the massage became weaker. This broke the consistent firmness I’ve been happy with from the start.

I didn’t know if he was just getting tired or something. By the time I wanted to tell him to make it harder, he switched back to using his hands and the firmness was correct again.

By this time, my face started getting sore and uncomfortable from the hole in the bed. It wasn’t big enough to cover my face so I had to move my face around during the massage.

This was a bit disconcerting as I normally like to sleep during a massage. I also felt my knee getting sore as the bed is a bit too flat and firm.

In other spas I’ve done massage, there would be a pillow in the lower leg area so that it assumes a normal position.

For the rest of the massage, he did my back, butt, legs, shoulders and foot.

But he didn’t massage the front body whereas another friend of mine who did the same massage got the front body. So there’s still some inconsistency in the body massage.

Hallway to Massage Rooms

Overall Thoughts of Aroma Day Spa Markham

Overall, I really enjoyed how the masseuses did both massage services at Aroma Day Spa in Markham.

Very rare that I don’t have complaints about the firmness or painfulness (and by pain, I mean the type of pain that makes your body tense up and fight against the massage).

Both my masseuses got it right, except for the short hiccup in firmness when the masseuse switched to the elbow.

Aroma Day Spa
Website / Address: 5261 Highway 7, Unit 100, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3P 1B8

Disclaimer: Although the services were complimentary from Aroma Day Spa, all opinions are my own.

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