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Best Restaurants in Seattle, Washington – 17 Best Places to Eat & Drink

Looking for where to eat in Seattle? This food guide dishes out some of the best restaurants in Seattle and in the Greater Seattle area!

One of my favourite ways of exploring the city is by checking out its food scene.

And when I visited Seattle, Washington, that’s exactly what I did!

When people think of food in Seattle, the first thing that comes to mind is seafood, lots and lots of it.

Isaki Sushi at Shiro's Sushi in Seattle, Washington
Isaki (threeline grunt fish) Sushi from Shiro’s Sushi

Surrounded by water, Seattle is a working port and has so many fishermen.

Seafood is definitely a must when visiting here.

But there are still a lot of places to eat in Seattle that aren’t seafood, which begs the question: Where to eat in Seattle?

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Best Restaurants in Seattle, Washington: 15+ Best Places To Eat & Drink in the Emerald City (Seattle Food Guide on Travelling Foode)

Seattle Food Scene

There are two things I found interesting to note about Seattle’s food scene.

The first is that most restaurants have Daily Happy Hour, usually half price menu items, to bring customers in during non-peak hours.

This is a great way to save and stay on budget especially when travelling.

This brings us to the second thing: 20% gratuity.

A lot of the restaurants have a fixed 20% gratuity regardless of how big your party size is.

As you can see, this can certainly cause a big dent when eating out, making the Daily Happy Hours highly attractive.

Best Restaurants in Seattle and the Greater Seattle Area

In this food guide, I’ve compiled a list of 17 best restaurants to try in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. We tried to cover not just Seattle but also areas in the Greater Seattle are including Bellevue, Kent and Kirkland.

There’s so many places to eat in Seattle and areas, and we’re covering everything here: sushi, ice cream, tasting menu, seafood, bakery and various cuisines!

Best Seattle Restaurants

Looking for where to eat in Seattle? Here are among the best restaurants and places to eat in and around downtown Seattle including Fremont, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Madison Valley and more.

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Shiro’s Sushi

One of the best restaurants in Seattle for sushi, Shiro’s Sushi brings the traditional sushi experience to the table being the first “Edomae” style sushi restaurant in the city.

Watch the full YouTube video of my Shiro’s Sushi dining experience here.

Sit at the sushi bar and get served freshly crafted pieces of sushi one at a time using local, seasonally available seafood and produce.

Shad Sushi at Shiro's Sushi in Seattle, Washington
Gizzard Shad/Kohada

Though Shiro’s Sushi offers a “Premium Sushi Omakase”, a chef’s selection of 18 pcs sushi and seasonal soup served over five courses, opt for the real Omakase experience.

This is where chef keeps handing you pieces of the best sushi until you want to stop (though warn the chef 2-3 pcs beforehand).

Travelling Foodie Tip: You can tell the chef your preferences so he can tailor the omakase based on that.

Flounder Sushi at Shiro's Sushi in Seattle, Washington
Flounder Engawa (thin muscle of the fin)

I was surprised with the variety of fishes they had, some of which I haven’t had before, or at least as raw: barracuda, seki aji (premium horse mackerel), flounder, isaki (threeline grunt fish).

Barracuda Sushi at Shiro's Sushi in Seattle, Washington

Did you know? Shiro’s Sushi was opened by Master sushi chef, Shiro Kashiba, who has left and opened Sushi Kashiba (also in this list).

Despite that fact, I loved my experience here: The ambiance is much more reminiscent of traditional Japanese restaurants. There is good lighting for photos.

The sushi bar is not that cramped. They make sure the tea is always fresh by replacing it (not just refilling) after a certain time.

Fried shiso leaf with otoro, uni and salmon egg at Shiro's Sushi in Seattle, Washington
Special Request Sushi: Fried shiso leaf with otoro, uni and salmon egg

The sushi at Shiro’s Sushi were very good and fresh. I particularly enjoyed how Chef Aaron Pate craftily garnished the pieces as well.

I never understood what makes Geoduck Sushi good until I ate the one here.

Geoduck Sushi at Shiro's Sushi in Seattle, Washington

Travelling Foodie Tip: Make sure you check out the Daily Specials here where you’ll find off-menu appetizers and drinks.

Kokuryu Sake at Shiro's Sushi in Seattle, Washington
Kokuryu Sake ($75 bottle) – Fukui, Japan – Tokusen Ginjo

Must-Try Food at Shiro’s Sushi: Sushi Omakase

Website / Address: 2401 2nd Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121

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The Harvest Vine

Bringing the Basque country to Seattle, The Harvest Vine took me back to Spain with a small open-air tapas bar with an open kitchen with its display of meats and cheeses, glass jars of olive oil, and containers of ingredients.

They are definitely one of the best Spanish restaurants in Seattle.

Pulpo a la Gallega
Pulpo a la Gallega ($20) – Spanish octopus with red potatoes, smoked pimenton & arbequina olive oil

The Harvest Vine’s menu is broken down into cheeses, cold dishes, and hot dishes which are sub-categorized into vegetables and eggs, fish and seafood and meat.

They also have an extensive wine menu showcasing wines from different parts of Spain.

Travelling Foodie Tip: They have Daily Specials that are off-menu and interesting like the Calamares en su Tinta.

Calamares en su Tinta at The Harvest Vine in Seattle, Washington
Calamares en su Tinta ($18) – calamari braised in squid ink sauce & bomba rice

Being a tapas style restaurant, I recommend you order a bunch of plates to share instead of individually.

One thing that’s really great to share to start is their Quesos platter.

Quesos Platter at The Harvest Vine in Seattle, Washington
Quesos Platter ($20):

  • Idiazabal – smoked sheep’s cheese with quince
  • Arpea de Brebis – sheep’s cheese with red wine cherries
  • Bleu de Basque – sheep’s milk blue cheese with candied walnuts
  • Majon – raw cow’s cheese with roasted marcona almonds

If there’s one thing you should order at The Harvest Vine, it’s the Iberica.

It was seriously life changing as it was like eating a most flavourful filet mignon but it’s actually pork! My love for this will not ta-pas!

Iberica at The Harvest Vine in Seattle, Washington
Iberica ($24) – grilled pata negra with panadera potatoes & cider sauce

I love the use traditional Basque country ingredients to make the dishes more unique.

The piperade & piment d’espelette alioli helped add a nice spicy kick to the tender juicy lamb chops.

Cordero at The Harvest Vine in Seattle, Washington
Cordero ($21) – lamb chops with piperade & piment d’espelette alioli

The sweet and citrus notes of the arrope & apple puree helped cut the richness of the foie gras.

Foie de Pato at The Harvest Vine in Seattle, Washington
Foie de Pato ($24) – seared foie gras with arrope & apple puree

Also make sure you try the Spanish desserts at The Harvest Vine. I highly recommend trying the Tarta de Santiago.

Did you know? Pilgrims eat the traditional Spanish cake, Tarta de Santiago, during the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Tarta de Santiago at The Harvest Vine in Seattle, Washington
Tarta de Santiago ($9) – Galician style almond cake with roasted plums & lemon curd

Must-Try Food at The Harvest Vine: Iberica, Cordero, Foie de Pato, Pulpo a la Gallega, Quesos platter, Tarta de Santiago

Website / Address: 2701 E Madison St, Seattle, Washington 98112

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Taylor Shellfish

If you’re looking for where to eat in Seattle for seafood, Taylor Shellfish is the place. They are known for generations of shellfish farming in the waters of Puget Sound.

What’s even better is you can enjoy their offerings thru various Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bars in Seattle, a tide-to-table experience!

Travelling Foodie Tip: Their Queen Anne location has a nice view of the Space Needle!

Space Needle
View of Space Needle from the restaurant

During the Fanny Bay Oyster Plant Tour in the BC Shellfish and Seafood Festival, I learned that Fanny Bay Oysters was part of the Taylor Shellfish family of farms.

Tobiko Geoduck
Tobiko Geoduck ($18) – Geoduck sashimi, wasabi avocado vinaigrette, tobiko & furikake

They definitely delivered as I had some of the best and freshest seafood I’ve had here.

Did you know? Taylor Shellfish operates in sustainable shellfish farming so you’ll feel even better knowing you’re eating somewhere that helps protect the marine environment.

Dynamite Mussels
Dynamite Mussels ($12) – Jumbo mussels baked with sriracha mayo, tobiko, green onion & sesame

If there’s one thing you have to get at Taylor Shellfish, it’s definitely the Dungeness Crab!

This was the best I’ve had, and it still gives me cravings. This says a lot because I’ve always preferred other kinds of crabs than dungeness.

They get their crabs from Anacortes fresh daily. It’s boiled with hard apple cider, brown sugar, warm spice, and citrus.

The crab was so sweet, and easily falls off the shell. And what makes this even better is the sauce that came with it using the back fat of the crab and Mexican crema. SO GOOD!

Dungeness Crab
Dungeness Crab (MP) – Washington crab-cooked, chilled & cracked, with ginger slaw and cocktail sauce

Albacore tuna generally doesn’t excite me, but the Tuna Tataki here was the best albacore tuna I’ve had.

It is so buttery and fresh that it reminded me of Bluefin Tuna.

Tuna Tataki
Tuna Tataki ($18) – Pan-seared local albacore tuna, sesame crusted

If you love oysters, I recommend the Shucker’s Dozen which gives you a taste of various oysters available that day.

It’s a great way to really compare and contrast oysters in one seating.

Shucker's Dozen
Shucker’s Dozen ($33) – Daily selection of oysters

Not a lot of options for dessert, but I was already happy with the Olympic Mountain Artisan Ice Cream.

The chocolate fudge brownie was so creamy and rich without being overly sweet.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream
Olympic Mountain Artisan Ice Cream ($6) – Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Must-Try Food at Taylor Shellfish: Dungeness Crab, Tuna Tataki, Shucker’s Dozen, Olympic Mountain Artisan Ice Cream

Website / Address: 124 Republican St, Seattle, Washington 98109

Art of the Table

One of the best tasting menu restaurants in Seattle, Art of the Table brings farm-to-table cuisine with a regularly changing menu to showcase local and seasonal ingredients, and items made from scratch.

This is quite a fine dining restaurant so expect to spend. Watch the full YouTube video of Art of the Table dining experience here.

You’ll want to do the Tasting Menu ($125) at Art of the Table to have the complete culinary experience from Chef Dustin Ronspies, a 2014 James Beard Chef Award Semifinalist and co-owner of the restaurant.

Marbled King Salmon Gravlax
Marbled King Salmon Gravlax – green bean, fingerling potato, pickled shallot, carrot puree, dill, everything spice

Travelling Foodie Tip: When doing the Tasting Menu, make sure you do reservations for the 5-seat Chef’s Table which is a bar seating around the open kitchen so you can see how everything’s done.

The Tasting Menu is a 9-course meal consisting of amuse bouche, 5 main courses, intermezo and 2 dessert courses.

The main and dessert courses are not available in the ala carte menu.

Seared Foie Gras
Seared Foie Gras – oatmeal-buttermilk pancake, caramelized peach compote, corn relish, fried shishito pepper, almond butter, cocoa nib vinaigrette

Must-Try Food at Art of the Table: Tasting Menu

Website / Address: 3801 Stone Way N Suite A, Seattle, Washington 98103

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Sushi Kashiba

Ask locals on the best restaurants in Seattle, you’ll most likely hear them say Sushi Kashiba, the sushi restaurant opened by Chef Kashiba, coming from Shiro’s Sushi.

Watch the full YouTube video for my Sushi Kashiba dining experience here.

Called the “Sushi Sensei” of Seattle by the Seattle Times, Chef Shiro Kashiba was trained by world renowned sushi master, Jiro Ono (Jiro Dreams of Sushi).

Did you know? Chef Shiro was nominated twice for the James Beard Award.

Albacore Tuna Belly Sushi at Sushi Kashiba in Seattle, Washington
Albacore Tuna Belly

I definitely recommend the sushi bar here because you’ll want to see Chef Shiro in action.

Travelling Foodie Tip: There are no call-in reservations for the sushi bar. Be sure you arrive early to reserve your spot!

Arriving when they open at 5pm pretty much means you can only reserve for the 6:30pm seating at the very least. Also, make sure to ask that you be seated where Chef Shiro serves, which unfortunately wasn’t the case for us.

It’s interesting to note that sushi selection at Sushi Kashiba differs from Shiro’s. I had items here that weren’t available in Shiro’s Sushi (and vice-versa) like the king salmon belly, king crab, and king mackerel.

They even made an unagi tempura sushi which was definitely a first for me.

King Salmon Belly Sushi at Sushi Kashiba in Seattle, Washington
King Salmon Belly

Another unique dish, which I highly recommend if it’s available at Sushi Kashiba, is the Matsutake Mushroom Dobin Mushi.

Dobin Mushi is soup (mushi) steamed in a small personal teapot (dobin).

The Matsutake Mushroom is a very seasonal mushroom that is highly prized by the Japanese, usually harvested between September to October in Japan.

Because of its strong smell, the matsutake mushroom brings so much fragrance and flavour to the dobin mushi.

Must-Try Food at Sushi Kashiba: Sushi Omakase, Matsutake Mushroom Dobin Mushi

Website / Address: 86 Pine St #1, Seattle, Washington 98101

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Orfeo (CLOSED)

Orfeo offers contemporary cuisine specializing in French and Italian food cooked in a custom Woodstone Josper charcoal burning over and traditional wood burning oven.

The restaurant has a large seating of at least 150 people in a casual yet intimate setting, a great dating spot.

Travelling Foodie Tip: Orfeo has Happy Hour Daily from 4-6PM offering reduced prices in appetizers, pizza, pasta, and drinks.

Mussels A'la Mariniere at Orfeo in Seattle, Washington
Mussels A’la Mariniere ($8) – white wine, capers, lemon, parsley, butter

I went during the Happy Hour and fell in love with the food. If there’s one thing you should order, it’s their wood fired pizzas.

The pizza dough is just amazing! I really loved the Ai Funghi Pizza with truffle oil and generous wild mushrooms.

Limoncello Drop at Orfeo in Seattle, Washington
Limoncello Drop ($7) – vodka, limoncello, lemon juice, amaretto

You should also try their Fettuccine A’la Carbonara, one of the better carbonaras I’ve had in a long time.

Their pastas are homemade, and the fettucine on this one was nicely al dente.

The carbonara was rich and not overly sauce, and the addition of egg yolk gave a nice thicker consistency and flavour with the bacon.

Mushroom Pizza, Carbonara and Oysters at Orfeo in Seattle, Washington
On the table:

  • Funghi Pizza ($10) – exotic mushrooms, truffle oil, shaved pancetta, crescenza stracchino
  • Fettuccine A’la Carbonara ($8) – crispy bacon, sauteed onions
  • Oysters on the Half Shell ($1.50 each) – Wildcat Cove oysters (Seasonal)

Must-Try Food at Orfeo: Ai Funghi Pizza, Fettuccine A’la Carbonara

Website / Address: 2107 3rd Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121


Chef Ethan Stowell’s new restaurant Derby is located inside The Shop, an art facility and country club for car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

You’ll be in heaven at Derby if you’re into cars or motorcycles as you’ll be surrounded with a lot of vintage and luxury cars.

Smoked Brisket Sandwich
Smoked Brisket Sandwich ($16) – spicy habanero pineapple bbq sauce, coleslaw, aged cheddar

The restaurant is quite spacious with a bar that seats 15, dining room for 58, and a lounge area that seats 20.

Travelling Foodie Tip: If you want to get a good view of the cars, sit in the dining room since it is adjacent to the car storage space.

Pork Belly
Matt’s Bad-Add Bacon ($12) – honey, cayenne pepper, maldon salt

Derby’s menu focuses on classic comfort food, with a couple of seafood dishes and entrees.

If there’s one thing you should get here, it’s the Fried Oysters.

Chicken Wings, Beef Tartare, Fried Oysters
On The Table:

  • Steak Tartare ($15) – shallot, cornichon, toast
  • Dynamite Wings ($13) – chive yogurt, cilantro, honey
  • Fried Oysters ($16) – semolina dusted, chipotle aioli

Must-Try Food at Derby: Fried Oysters, Smoked Brisket Sandwich, Matt’s Bad-Ass Bacon

Website / Address: 2233 6th Ave S Suite A, Seattle, Washington 98134

Lunchbox Laboratory

As the name implies, Lunchbox Laboratory brings twists to classic comfort food you’d find in your lunchbox.

The restaurant is quite interesting since it initially looks like a place for children with its name and logo, a lunchbox collection and bright comic colors.

However, Lunchbox Laboratory is also a place for adults with a full bar and classic video games from the 80s.

They are known for their burgers because of the American-style Kobe Super-Beef, and local and organic buns.

Their Burger Experiments have interesting names and the one that is sure to pop-up and I’d recommend is the Burger of the Gods. It is just oozing with flavour!

Burger of the Gods at Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle, Washington
Burger of the Gods ($14.49) – Super-beef, crumbled bleu cheese, candied balsamic onions and Super Gorgonzola Spread

Lunchbox Laboratory is also popular for their hand-spun Snoqualmie Ice Cream All Natural Shakes!

And being a laboratory, adults can spike the shake for $4 with Kahlua, Irish Cream, Malibu Coconut, Whipped Cream Vodka and more!

Banana Cream Pie Shake at Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle, Washington
Banana Cream Pie Shake ($8.59/16oz)

Must-Try Food at Lunchbox Laboratory: Burger of the Gods, Crispy Tots, Banana Cream Pie Shake

Website / Address: 1253 Thomas St, Seattle, Washington 98109

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Pike Place Chowder

If you are heading towards Pike Place Market, you’ll see quite a lineup as you pass Post Alley.

This would be for Pike Place Chowder, one of the most popular restaurants in Seattle.

Did you know? The Pike Place Market location is the first Pike Place Chowder location.

With Chowder in the name, it’s clear what you have to get here, one of their chowders. I recommend the New England Chowder.

The clams are flavoured with bacon – WHAT? That’s even better than just regular clams!

The chowder at Pike Place Chowder has the perfect creamy consistency, and is just breaming with flavour.

Did you know? Their New England Chowder is inducted into the Great Chowder Cook-Off Hall Of Fame after winning Nation’s Best Chowder three years in a row.

Since Seattle is also popular for Dungeness Crab, get the Dungeness Crab Roll which is really packed with crab meat. Note that this is a cold roll though – I would’ve preferred it warmed.

Clam Chowder and Dungeness Crab Roll at Pike Place Chowder in Seattle, Washington
– New England Clam Chowder ($17.75/32oz) – clams flavored with bacon, bacon, potato, cream, and a secret blend of herbs and spices.

  • Dungeness Crab Roll ($18.95 Whole/$12.95 Half) – Pacific NW Favorite. Delicate, Dungeness Crabmeat, lightly tossed with mayo, celery, lemon juice, and secret seasonings

Must-Try Food at Pike Place Chowder: New England Clam Chowder, Dungeness Crab Roll

Website / Address: 1530 Post Alley, Seattle, Washington 98101

Le Panier Bakery

Located in the Pike Place Market, Le Panier Bakery is a classic French boulangerie making fresh baked goods on-site daily.

If there’s one thing you should try, it’s their macarons.

They are one of the best I’ve had, and the flavours are quite interesting too including Rose, Passion Fruit and Cassis (the colorful ones in my photo below).

For $2, the macarons at Le Panier Bakery are bigger than normal, giving you at least 2 bites of this chewy piece of heaven!

I love the pistachio macaron the most with its strong pistachio taste.

Macarons at Le Panier Bakery in Seattle, Washington
Cassis (black currant), Rose, Passion Fruit and Pistachio Macarons ($2 each)

Must-Try Food at Le Panier Bakery: Macarons

Website / Address: 1902 Pike Pl, Seattle, Washington 98101

Meekong Bar

A sister store of Mekong Village Restaurant, Meekong Bar is a Vietnamese and Asian Fusion restaurant specializing in Pho and Banh Mi Burgers.

I didn’t get the chance to try their Pho and Banh Mi Burgers.

What you really should try at Meekong Bar is their Seasonal Homemade Ice Cream. These are Asian inspired flavours so it’s hard to get them somewhere else.

The pandan ice cream was amazing and had a strong pandan taste! According to Tastes Of Seattle, the taro ice cream is a must try as well!

Pandan Ice Cream at Meekong Bar in Seattle, Washington
Pandan Ice Cream ($7) – two scoops

Must-Try Food at Meekong Bar: Seasonal Homemade Ice Cream

Website / Address: 2525 4th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121

Chandler’s Crabhouse (CLOSED)

Located in historic South Lake Union, Chandler’s Crabhouse is known for its Dungeness crab, serving eight varieties of crab seasonally with 20 different crab dishes.

If there’s one thing you have to try, it’s definitely their self-proclaimed “World’s Best” Dungeness Crab Cake.

This crab cake is really packed with crab meat with very little fillers!

Dungeness Crab Cake
“World’s Best” Dungeness Crab Cake ($18) – 3 oz. crab cake, seasonal accompaniments

You should check out Chandler’s Crabhouse during their Daily Happy Hour from 3-6PM where all small plates are half priced.

Travelling Foodie Tip: If you go during Happy Hour, opt for the Crab & Artichoke Dip instead of Dungeness Crab Cake because the dip is packed with crab!

Crab & Artichoke Dip
Crab & Artichoke Dip ($9) – blue corn tortilla chips

One thing that surprised me the most at Chandler’s Crabhouse was their Painted Hills Burger because I didn’t expect a burger this good coming from a seafood restaurant.

Painted Hills Burger
Painted Hills Burger ($9) – 1/2 lb. grass-fed beef, Beecher’s Flagship cheddar, bacon, pickled jalapeno, spicy mayo

Must-Try Food at Chandler’s Crabhouse: Calamari, Crab & Artichoke Dip, Painted Hills Burger, World’s Best Dungeness Crab Cake

Website / Address: 901 Fairview Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109

Best Bellevue Restaurants

Looking for where to eat in Bellevue? Here are among the best restaurants and places to eat in Bellevue.

Fogo De Chao

Located in Lincoln Square, Fogo De Chao is a Brazilian churrascaria known for serving quality meats roasted over an open fire, the traditional gaucho method.

Did you know? Fogo De Chao means “fire of ground”.

Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops

If you love meat and can eat a lot, Fogo De Chao is one of the best restaurants in Seattle.

Though they offer ala carte, you really should be doing the Fogo Churrasco Experience ($34.95) which includes unlimited access to the Market Table & Feijoada Bar, and all-you-can-eat tableside service of signature meat and Brazilian side dishes.

Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon

Travelling Foodie Tip: Be sure to check out the Market Table for some imported cheese and charcuterie meats.

The Brazilian side dish that you must try is definitely the cheese bread, which are highly addicting!

Despite being a filler, trust me that you won’t regret having them.

Did you know? One thing that makes the bread taste different is the use of tapioca flour instead of wheat flour.

Cheese Bread
Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo)

One meat you should definitely try at Fogo de Chao is the Picanha, the most prized cut of meat in Brazil.

The beef is sirloin cap, but what makes it different is that the fat is not removed unlike in non-Brazilian steakhouses.

Must-Try Food at Fogo De Chao: Picanha, Lamb Chops, Beef Ribs, Filet Mignon, Beef Ancho, Cheese Bread, Cheeses

Website / Address: 440 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, Washington 98004

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Best Kent Restaurants

Looking for where to eat in Kent? Here are among the best restaurants and places to eat in Kent.

Asadero Mexican Prime & Wagyu Steakhouse

Asadero Mexican Prime & Wagyu Steakhouse brings the Mexican bbq grill (“asado”) experience from northern Mexico to Seattle.

Did you know? Asadero is the first and only Mexican steakhouse serving prime or better steaks grilled over wood.

This is my first time trying a Mexican steakhouse, and it is quite a unique and delicious experience.

The meats are really high quality specializing in certified USDA prime beef or wagyu Mishima Reserve grade beef.

If there’s one thing you have to try at Asadero, it’s the Vacio Wagyu with its tender and juicy meat that’s well marbled.

The meat is served less than your doneness level since it comes in a sizzling hot plate where the meat cooks further.

Vacio Wagyu
Vacio Wagyu ($29.99) – Otherwise known as a “bavette” steak, this is above prime 14oz Akaushi red wagyu steak served on a sizzling hot plate

I also recommend the roasted bone marrow at Asadero. It is a quite a long bone with a good amount of marrow.

I find the price really good too since bone marrow prices in Toronto average at $10.

Tuetanos (Bone Marrow)
Tuetanos ($4.99) – 1 Fire roasted, extra long bone marrow with cojita cheese and cilantro

Must-Try Food at Asadero Mexican Prime & Wagyu Steakhouse: Vacio Wagyu, Tuetanos

Website / Asadero Sinaloa: 24602 36th Ave S, Kent, Washington 98032, USA / Asadero Ballard: 5405 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, Washington 98107

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Big Boys Kainan

Started as a food truck, Big Boys Kainan restaurant brings a unique Filipino-Hawaiian fusion, focused on Filipino dishes with a twist of Hawaiian flavours.

If there’s one thing you should try at Big Boys Kainan, it’s the Fried Chicken Adobo Moco, which exemplifies the combination of Filipino and Hawaiian cuisine into one amazing ohana/pamilya (family) dish.

Adobo is a popular dish in the Philippines typically using pork or chicken marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic.

And, Loco Moco is a traditional Hawaiian comfort food with white rice topped with a burger patty, fried egg and lots of gravy.

Fried Chicken Adobo Moco
Fried Chicken Adobo Moco ($11.99) – garlic fried chicken and egg covered in adobo gravy with steamed rice

Must-Try Food at Big Boys Kainan: Fried Chicken Adobo Moco

Website / Address: 21230 84th Ave S, Kent, Washington 98032

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Best Kirkland Restaurants

Looking for where to eat in Kirkland? Here are among the best restaurants and places to eat in Kirkland.

Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen

Specializing in Northern Thai food, Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Seattle for Thai food, and one of the best I’ve had in North America.

All three dishes I tried at Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen were just great!

The smooth creamy Chu Chi Red Curry with a hint of spiciness that’s perfect with steamed rice, or even the fried rice that we got. I can literally drink a bowl of that curry as a soup!

The Stir-Fried Squid with Salted Egg Yolk was quite interesting and also rare to find.

The salted egg yolk is mashed to release juices into the milk, and coating the squid to add another dimension to the squid’s taste.

The Fried Rice with Crab Meat was full of blue crab meat. The spicy lime dressing was actually so good with it too.

Travelling Foodie Tip: Try to use the Chu Chi Red Curry on the rice instead and thank me after!

Salted Egg Yolk Squid, Scallops in Red Curry, Crab Meat Fried Rice at Isarn Thai Kitchen in Kirkland, Washington
On the table:

  • Stir-Fried Squid with Salted Egg Yolk, or pla-muk-pad-kai-kem($14.95) – sliced squid sauteed with salted egg yolk, bell peppers, spring onions, Chinese celery and milk.
  • Chu Chi Red Curry with Scallops ($15.95) – A Thai homestyle curry similar to classic red curry but creamier and richer flavorful herbs. Garnished with sliced kaffir lime leaves.
  • Fried Rice with Crab Meat, or kao-pad-poo ($15.95) – Fried rice with blue crab meat, onions, spring onions and egg. Served with a side of spicy lime dressing.

Must-Try Food at Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen: Stir-Fried Squid with Salted Egg Yolk, Chu Chi Red Curry, Fried Rice with Crab Meat

Website / Address: 170 Lake St S, Kirkland, Washington 98033

Sirena Gelato

One of the best ice cream shops in Seattle, Sirena Gelato brings authentic Italian gelato recipes while using local Northwest ingredients and exotic imports like Thai coconut milk and Turkish hazelnuts.

Did you know? Sirena means mermaid.

Their gelatos are very creamy and have strong flavours, making them one of the better ones I’ve had in North America.

Though I enjoyed the four flavours I tried at Sirena Gelato, my favourites were the pistachio and hazelnut gelato because it’s very rare to have gelato having that strong nut flavour, and with real nuts in them too.

Gelato at Sirena Gelato in Kirkland, Washington
Pistachio, Coconut, Hazelnut, Espresso Gelato ($5.85/Large – up to 4 flavours)

Must-Try Food at Sirena Gelato: Handcrafted Gelato

Website / Address: 109 Park Ln, Kirkland, Washington 98033

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MAP of the Best Restaurants in and around Seattle

Here’s a map with all the Seattle restaurants featured in this food guide.

Best Restaurants in Seattle, Washington: food guide covering where to eat in Seattle including Sushi Kashiba, Pike Place Chowder, Taylor Shellfish, Art of the Table, Shiro's Sushi, Le Panier Bakery, Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen.

Hope the food guide gave you an idea on where to eat and what to order in Seattle and its surrounding area!

I’m always down for recommendations so please let me know what you find are the best restaurants in Seattle so I can visit them next time.

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Denis Mountain

Tuesday 17th of July 2018

Thank you very much for this list. Some of my favorite places are also in this list which feels great. Their restaurant menus covers have so many great dishes to offer.

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