Top 3 Things To Do in Downtown Las Vegas

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I stayed in Downtown Las Vegas for 3 nights from January 8-11, 2017 before my flight back to Toronto. This was a good change of scenery after 5 days at the Sky Las Vegas with my siblings because we wanted to be close to The Strip for CES. One thing I’ve always loved about Downtown Las Vegas is the Fremont Street Experience.

Therefore, it was an amazing experience staying at Golden Nugget because I can literally just walk out the casino and I’m at the Fremont Street Experience, plus it’s one of the best hotels in Downtown Las Vegas.

Here were the3 Best Things To Do in Downtown Las Vegas.

Fremont Street Experience

Every night, I would walk the entire Fremont Street as a way to unwind (and digest the food I ate) and check out what’s happening. This street really comes alive at night! I never get tired of it as there’s something different every night – be it the entertainment (live music), the Viva Vision Light Show, the street entertainers, and even just the crowd of people every night!

It is really a very different atmosphere and vibe from The Strip. One thing I enjoy most is seeing the people here just having fun and enjoying the street – dancing and singing to the live music, drinking, and posing with the street entertainers.

Probably the most popular thing in this street is the Viva Vision Light Show which only starts at night (starting dusk) and continues until midnight. The screen is 1,500-ft long, 90-ft wide and 90-ft above the street. When I was there, I got to see it play Green Day and Imagine Dragon songs.

Another popular attraction in Downtown Las Vegas is the SlotZilla zip line where you get to zip across the Fremont Street. They have two routes: the lower Zipline, which takes you half way across the street, and the upper Zoomline which takes you across the entire street.

This is highly popular at night when all the lights are there, especially when the Light Show is happening. A couple of times when I was walking around at night, I would see some people getting stuck towards the end of the Zoomline which I found amusing because they would try to rock themselves back and forth hoping to move forward.

Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas

There are three main stages along the street and some nights there would be performers playing – bands or dancers. Travelling Foodie Tip: Check the calendar to find out who’s doing live entertainment and what will be playing at the Viva Vision Show.

During the day, the scenery of the street is very different. It is very brightly white due to the Viva Vision screen, as well as the casinos and shops not having their bright yellow lights.

There’s still a lot of people which is a testament to how popular this street is. However, it is less lively without the bright lights, live music and the “happier” people who’s had their drinks at night.

Some of the best hotel and casinos in Downtown Las Vegas are on the Fremont Street: Golden Nugget, Binion’s Gambling Hall, The D, Four Queens, Fremont and Golden Gate.

Fremont East Entertainment District

Across the Fremont Street, where SlotZilla ends, is Fremont East Entertainment. This District offers comedy clubs, hip restaurants, blues and jazz night clubs and other entertainment venues.

I went to this side on my first night to try the recently opened pizza place, Evel Pie, which I highly recommend when you’re in the area.


Aside from checking out Evel Pie, the rest of my foodie experiences in Downtown Las Vegas was dining at Golden Nugget. Can you imagine: in the 2 days and 3 nights I was there, I tried six restaurants!
– First night (Fremont East): Evel Pie
– Second day (The Venetian): Lobster ME
– Second night (Golden Nugget): Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse
– Third day (Golden Nugget): Chart House
– Third night (Golden Nugget): Red Sushi and Cadillac Mexican Kitchen and Tequilar Bar

Hope this travel guide gives you an idea of the best things to do in Downtown Las Vegas! It’s really a great area to check out and a nice change from The Strips.

Always open to suggestions for my next visit. What do you find are the best attractions in Downtown Las Vegas?


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  1. Great to see the promotion of the often forgotten downtown ‘old’ Las Vegas. It is such a great destination which still has that old school Vegas charm. Check it out. Fremont street is a blast!

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