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Edulis Toronto, Michelin Star Seafood-Focused Tasting Menu

Edulis is a One Michelin Star tasting restaurant in Toronto known for its seasonal menu made from scratch by husband-and-wife team Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemet.

Did you know? Edulis Toronto is listed No. 8 in Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants in 2016 and No. 6 in Post City Toronto’s Joanne Kates Best 50 Restauants “Spend A Lot” List.

Located in downtown Toronto’s west end neighbourhood, Edulis has a homey feel like visiting your aunt’s home for a homecooked meal.

On September 13, 2022, Edulis was awarded One Michelin Star on Toronto’s Michelin Guide, the first Canadian edition, making it one of the first Michelin restaurants in Toronto and Canada.

Edulis Toronto - Michelin Star Tasting Menu Review on

Edulis Menu Price

Edulis offers a seasonal tasting menu only.

They are one of the few tasting menu restaurants in Toronto that offers both Lunch and Dinner options.

As of Sep 2022, Dinner is $185 per person and Lunch is $85 per person.

What’s great is they have adopted a no tipping policy, and all bookings are prepaid.

Tasting Menu at Michelin Star Edulis Toronto

I dined at Edulis back in 2016 so this post is based on that experience.

At that time, Edulis had two tasting menus: 5 courses ($85) and 7 courses ($105).

It’s very good for seafood lovers as most of the courses are seafood.

I did the 7 courses since it’s a better value on a price-per-course basis, and you will most likely not get full with 5 courses as they are tasting portions.

Table Setting at Michelin Star Edulis in Toronto

My favourites during the tasting menu at Edulis were the Nova Scotia bigeye tuna and the poached Lobster.

Note: as the menu changes frequently, these dishes may not be available anymore.

The Poached Lobster with Pumpkin Seeds was very fresh and delicious and goes so well with the sauce!

I even finished the sauce on its own!

Lobster Course at Michelin Star Edulis in Toronto
Poached lobster with pumpkin seeds

The Nova Scotia bigeye tuna with tomatoes sauce & black garlic was, again, very fresh.

It was also very fatty and melt-in-your-mouth, which went great with the tomato sauce and black garlic to bring out the freshness even more.

Tuna Dish at Michelin Star Edulis in Toronto
Nova Scotia bigeye tuna with tomatoes sauce & black garlic

One thing I love about how Edulis made their dishes is the sauces or condiments were all subtle and were mainly there to enhance the main item, be it the seafood or meat.

With seafood especially, I find it important that the natural flavour of the seafood to be intact because seafood can get overpowered easily.

Edulis Restaurant executed this perfectly.

Unfortunately, I found the desserts at Edulis Toronto were particularly underwhelming.

The Rum Baba was heavily soaked in rum such that the cake had no texture and bite anymore, which was a shame considering the flavour was actually quite good especially with the mix of chantilly cream.

The other dessert, strawberry and chamomile sorbet, was nothing special and quite unremarkable.

Rum Cake at Edulis in Toronto
Baba au Rhum cake with Chantilly Cream

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Service at Edulis

Normally, I focus on the food more than the service.

However, we were quite disappointed with the service at Edulis that it deserves a mention.

For this caliber, I expected service to be on-par with Toronto restaurants of similar type and ranking like Alo, Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto and Frilu, which are also all 1 Michelin Star restaurants in Toronto.

However, what we got was rude and condescending, plus a slow service.

A major incident for me was when we selected our tasting menu and the server asked for allergies/restrictions.

Our friend told the server that she doesn’t eat meat so she can’t have meat in her tasting menu, and she had indicated that on the reservation.

Our server responded: “You know the menu is seafood, right?”

My friend said she’s reminding just in case there is still a meat course.

It turns out there was a rabbit course.

Another thing to note is Edulis Toronto is the first tasting menu restaurant I’ve been to that doesn’t give a copy of the menu at the end of the meal.

When we asked for it, we were told they don’t do it, but we can email the restaurant after so they can send it to us.

However, we never received them after my friends emailed the Edulis and followed-up a couple of times.

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Courses at Edulis

Here are the courses for the tasting menu we had at Edulis Toronto back in 2016.

Since Edulis is a seasonal tasting menu, these dishes are most likely not available anymore, but will still give you a great idea on what to expect on the menu.

  • Complimentary Bread
  • Nova Scotia bigeye tuna with tomatoes sauce & black garlic
  • Poached lobster with pumpkin seeds
  • Scallops and mushrooms
Scallop Dish at Michelin Star Edulis in Toronto
Scallops and mushrooms
  • Spanish Mackerel
Fish Dish at Michelin Star Edulis in Toronto
Spanish Mackerel
  • Spanish rice & halibut cheeks
Rice Course at Michelin Star Edulis in Toronto
Spanish rice & halibut cheeks
  • Rabbit two ways: porchetta and pressed, served with mashed potatoes
Meat Course at Edulis in Toronto
Rabbit two ways: porchetta and pressed, served with mashed potatoes
  • Strawberry and chamomile sorbet
Sorbet at Michelin Star Edulis in Toronto
Strawberry and chamomile sorbet
  • Baba au Rhum cake with Chantilly Cream

Edulis Reservations

Being a Michelin Star restaurant, reservations are a must at Edulis Toronto.

They open reservations a month before e.g. November dates are open on October.

You can make reservations online here.

Verdict of Michelin Star Edulis

Overall, I enjoyed the tasting menu at Edulis, but not its service.

It’s a great culinary experience for seafood lovers especially.

The price is pretty reasonable for what you’re getting too.

Hopefully, the service we got at Edulis was a one-off situation.

Hope this restaurant review of Edulis Toronto gives you an idea of what it’s like to dine here!

Let me know if your thoughts on the restaurant, and if you have any questions.

Edulis Restaurant
Website / Address: 169 Niagara Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1C9

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