Green Living Show 2018: 21 Things To Expect | Toronto, Ontario

Green Living Show 2018 Media Preview in Toronto, Ontario

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This year’s Green Living Show is taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre between April 6 – 8, 2018. This is the 12th year this show has taken place in Toronto and it is North America’s largest consumer healthy & green living show showcasing exhibits, workshops and solutions for leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Over 350 exhibitors will be present and offering products and services that cover eco-home, green car, local food & drink, fashion & beauty, nature, and health & wellness.

The media preview was hosted by one of the event’s sponsors, Propeller Coffee Co., on March 6, 2018.

As with last year, a sample selection of exhibitors showcased their innovative products and demonstrated how their products strive for sustainability to make the world a better place by leaving a smaller carbon footprint. We were also able to sample food and drinks from vendors participating in the Delicious Local Food & Drink Pavilion which represents different cuisines from around the world.

Here are 21 things in Innovations and Food & Drinks to look forward to in Green Living Show 2018.


TinyFarm Countertop by Modgarden
Modgarden offers a seed-to-fork solution for you to grow your own organic vegetables in the comfort of your home. It also offers the ability for you to monitor the progress of the growth via mobile app.

Modgarden TinyFarm at Green Living Show

Yoga Mat and Yoga Block by Mukta Being
Yoga products by Canadian company Mukta Being are made with premium cork, which is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and antifungal. For every one mat purchased, Mukta plants one tree in Canada.

Mukta Bang at Green Living Show

Handmade Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps by Sweet Green Studios
Sarah Fournier, founder of Sweet Green Studios, started making beeswax food wraps as a natural alternative to plastic wrap for her daughter. They last one year and are made with 100% cotton and Canadian beeswax.

Sweet Green Studios Beeswax Food Wraps at Green Living Show

Jocelyn’s Soil Booster by Wastenot Farms
The best way to describe Jocelyn’s product is a super charged probiotic for indoor/outdoor plants & vegetation. Her soil booster is natural worm manure soil booster derived from food waste collected from offices in the GTA, turning food waste into a product at Wastenot Farms, that directly goes back into helping the food chain.

What makes her product different from regular fertilizers is that it contains live microbes. The soil can be purchased individually, or in gift baskets that comes as a starter kit to grow your own edible garden.

Wastenot Farms Soil Booster at Green Living Show

Cold pressed raw juice by Pulp & Press
Pulp & Press uses industrial grade, hydraulic cold press juicer to put three to four pounds of fresh, organic fruits & vegetables into every bottle of their juices. The products can be purchased at most grocery retailers in Ontario.

Pulp & Press Cold Pressed Raw Juice at Green Living Show

Veggie-full patties by Wholly Veggie!
Soy free, gluten free, non GMO, vegetarian, dairy free vegetarian patties by Wholly Veggie! comes in box of four and in three different flavors – Sweet curry carrot, Herby garlic greens, and Southwest beet. They are available for purchase at select grocery stores which can be found here.

Wholly Veggies! Patties at Green Living Show

Skincare Products by Province Apothecary
Products from Province Apothecary are made from high quality, certified organic ingredients sourced from each of the Canadian provinces. They also offer a skincare clinic and a store location. Some of their products are also carried in various yoga stores as well.

Province Apothecary Skincare at Green Living Show

Stylish Vegan Leather and Suede Pieces by Jonah Jay
100% vegan, and made in Canada, Jonah Jay reinvents crisp leather pieces – without the price tag. Stylish pieces are designed to be able to be worn from business meetings to cocktails with effortless style.

Jonah Jay Vegan Leather at Green Living Show

Contact-free Snoring Solution by Smart Nora
Smart Nora is a non-medical device designed to stop snoring. There is no uncomfortable masks or nose strips commonly recommended by snoring remedies required. When snoring is detected by Nora’s sensor, the padding insert in the pillow simulates a gentle movement enough to allow natural breathing to resume.

Smart Nora Snoring Solution at Green Living Show

Distilled non-Alcoholic Spirits by Seedlip
British brand Seedlip is a range of the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits based on the distilled non-alcoholic remedies from The Art of Distillation written back in 1651. Herbs, spices, peels and barks are carefully sourced and distilled in the north of England to produce this new category of drinks.

Seedlip non-Alcoholic Spirits at Green Living Show

Delicious Local Food & Drink Pavilion

Below are the food samples we tried during the preview.

Belgium: Wafel Huis
Authentic Liege style waffles with Ontario raspberry coulis by Chef Jan Vanderbroeck from Wafel Huis.

Wafel Huis Liege style waffles at Green Living Show

Singapore: Lion City Restaurant
Salted Ontario Egg Potato Chips from Chef Eleanor Sim from Lion City Restaurant

Lion City Restaurant Salted Ontario Egg Potato Chips at Green Living Show

Italy: Cucinato
Zeppola with Fresh Ricotta and Tomato Sauce (VG) by Chef Luciano Schipano from Cucinato Italian Culinary Studio.

Cucinato Zeppola at Green Living Show

Tibet: TC’s MoMos
Vegetable Pasta Noodles (VG), Beef MoMos, and Vegan MoMos (VG) by Chef Tsewang Chodon from TC’s MoMos

TC’s MoMos at Green Living Show

Scotland & Haiti: Urban Acorn Catering
House smoked salmon potato scone & cream edamame. Black bean accra with red pepper ti malice sauce, pikliz & parsnip chip (VG, GF) by Chef Daniel Holloway from Urban Acorn Catering

Urban Acorn Catering smoked salmon potato scone at Green Living Show

Urban Acorn Catering Black bean accra at Green Living Show

Canada: Farm’r
Montreal style BBQ brisket slider by Chefs Kyle Webster & Benny Chateau from Farm’r.

Farm’r Montreal BBQ brisket slider at Green Living Show

Central Mexico: Santo Pecado
Chicken Tinga Taco (GF) and Mushrooms Al Pastor Taco (VG, GF) by Chef Paola Solorzano from Santo Pecado.

Santo Pecado Mushrooms Al Pastor Taco at Green Living Show

India: 6ix Triangles
Ontario Root Veggie Masala with Chickpeas (VG, GF) by Chefs Abby & Tony Sabherwal from 6ix Triangles.

6ix Triangles Veggie Masala with Chickpeas at Green Living Show

Rosewood Estates Winery
Rosewood Estates Winery from Niagara provided wine tasting:

  • Suss Riesling
  • Unfiltered Pinor Noir
  • Mead Royale
  • Legacy

Closson Chase Vineyards
Closson Chase Vineyards from Prince Edward County provided wine tasting:

  • Pinor Noir
  • Chardonnay

Griffin Pub and Events
Griffin Pub and Events provided a wide variety of beers & ciders featuring Pommies Cider Co., Shiny Apple Cider, Sawdust City Brewing Co., The Steamwhistle, Whitewater Brewing Co., Spearhead Brewing Company, Muskoka Brewery, Clear Lake Brewing Co.

Article and Photos by Veronica Chiu.


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