Harbour Sixty | Truffle Parmigiano Fries | Toronto, Ontario

One thing I didn’t expect to be wowed when coming to a steakhouse was their truffle parmigiano fries.

The truffle oil was just wafting with aroma as the fries were served, and it has a very strong flavour that sticks to the fries unlike other truffle fries I’ve had.

They gave generous portions of Parmigiano cheese. There’s already a lot covering the fries, but they also give a lot of shaved Parmigiano on top of the fries. Albeit, it can become quite salty because of that much parmigiano cheese, it’s still the good salty – the cheesy kind.

The fries were perfectly cooked. Very crispy on the outside, and warm and potato-ey on the inside. What I loved about their fries is it was still good even if after it sat for a long time because we had to pace ourselves with other food.

Travelling Foodie Tip: You can request half portion for $8 which it is still big enough to share. I actually wonder how big a full order is.


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