Hoppy Holidays 2016 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Travelling Foodie drinks Roasted Chestnut Brown Ale from Oast at Hoppy Holidays

The 2016 Hoppy Holidays event is the 3rd annual Craftmas Beer Experience organized by Drink Inc. events. It’s a craft beer sampling event with seasonal brews, one-off creations and yuletide beer cocktails from Canadian brewers.

The event was held at the Berkeley Church, one of the oldest venues in Toronto. It was actually a nice location, but be aware that it’s dark so it’s hard to take pictures. At the middle of the event, there was also live music playing.

The event uses vouchers as currency, and one voucher = $1. A typical 4oz sample cost 1 voucher, though some vendors do fill the entire cup. 2 vouchers either get you a full cup or a more special beer, either seasonal or stronger alcohol content.

Aside from the drinks available, the event coordinated with the Berkeley culinary team for the food, featuring sample-sized menus like the beef brisket slider, which I had.


Old Tomorrow Beer – Monty’s Golden Ryed Ale (2 vouchers)- I love rye so I really enjoyed this drink. It was very refreshing and smooth with notes of caramel and vanila, with a strong rye taste as they infuse the ale with 5- and 25- year 100% rye whisky as well as oak wood.
Travelling Foodie drinks Old Tomorrow Beer Montys Golden Ryed Ale at Hoppy Holidays Event

McAuslan Brewing – St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout (1 voucher) – Very full-bodied and flavourful with chocolate and coffee taste, very similar to Guiness. I was quite impressed with this beer.
Travelling Foodie drinks St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout at Hoppy Holidays Event

Side Launch Brewing Company – Mountain Lager (1 voucher) – I asked Miguel of Drink Inc. Events what he’d recommend that would be similar to Stella Artois which is my favorite beer, and he recommended the Wheat Lager and this one. They didn’t have the Wheat Lager at the event, but I tried this one and really enjoyed it. It was creamy with grainy, toasty and biscuit notes.
Travelling Foodie drinks Side Launch Mountain Lager at Hoppy Holidays Event

Shiny Apple Cider – Shiny Pinot Cider (1 voucher)- This was my first time seeing cider mixed with wine so I had to try it. My friend tried their Shiny Pear with Gew├╝rztraminer. I found I preferred the Shiny Pinot Cider because you get a good balance of the cider and wine tastes. In the other one, the sweetness of the Shiny Pear overpowered the Gew├╝rztraminer.
Travelling Foodie drinks Shiny Apple Shiny Pinot Cider at Hoppy Holidays Event

Niagara Oast House Brewers – Roasted Chestnut Brown Ale (1 voucher)- Another beer I was curious to try since I love chestnuts. This happens to be a seasonal beer only, and I’m glad I tried it. It tasted similar to a stout but with roasted chestnut bitterness instead of the coffee taste from stout.
Travelling Foodie drinks Niagara Oast House Brewers Roasted Chestnut Brown Ale at Hoppy Holidays Event

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. – Rockers (2 vouchers) – I tried this one because it had 10% alcohol. It was very strong indeed, but I found it a bit too bitter to my liking.
Travelling Foodie drinks Beau Rockers at Hoppy Holidays Event

Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Raspberry Uber (Sour Wheat Beer) (1 voucher) – The name was interesting so I decided to try it. It was sweet and sour altogether (though more sour). Not really for me.
Travelling Foodie drinks Nickel Brook Raspberry Uber Sour Wheat Beer at Hoppy Holidays Event

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Disclaimer: Although the entrance and 5 vouchers were complimentary provided by Drink Inc. Events, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the companies.

Hoppy Holidays 2016

Berkeley Church
315 Queen St. East., Toronto, ON. M5A 1S7

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