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Kanga, Delicious Traditional Aussie Meat Pies in Toronto

Kanga brings Australia to Toronto with its Aussie meat pies which are individually portioned. I was invited by co-owner Megan for a private tasting.

You can find Kanga in downtown Toronto on the PATH near St. Andrew and King Subway Stations.

Aussie Meat Pies at Kanga

Traditional Aussie Meat Pie

The Traditional Aussie Meat Pie is made with minced beef in a savoury gravy with a touch of vegemite.

I LOVED this! The meat was very delicious and went well with the gravy.

The gravy was just the perfect amount – it wasn’t soupy inside nor overpower the meat.

The pastry was very fluffy, and to which I find they use butter instead of shortening (a win!).

As they recommend, “best enjoyed with ketchup”. Initially, I was skeptical about adding ketchup because meat plus gravy was perfect already for me.

But after trying it with ketchup, there is the salt + sour combination from the gravy and ketchup that just made everything more delicious!

The Canadian Meat Pie

Of course, Kanga had to make a Canadian version. The Canadian Meat Pie is made of pieces of Steak and Bacon, braised with Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale and a savoury gravy.

I preferred The Traditional Meat Pie over this because the steak was not in small chunks.

When you bite into the pie, you get a lot of steak in one bite, leaving a few for the rest of the pie.

Fresh-Cut Fries at Kanga

The fresh-cut fries were awesome! They give generous portions and you can choose between sea salt or Aussie chicken sea salt.

Coffee at Kanga

At Kanga, they also serve coffee using beans from Propeller Coffee, one of the best coffee roasters in Canada.

I had Flat White, which was a damn good flat white. I loved the taste and the smoothness of the drink.

And best of all, I didn’t feel the acidity that I feel on others.

Hope this review of Kanga helps you decide where to eat in Toronto! There are so many interesting places to eat in Toronto due to its diverse culture.

Kanga Aussie Meat Pies
Website / Address: PATH (by St. Andrew station & King station) in Toronto

Disclaimer: Although this was a sponsored tasting with Kanga, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company’s.

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