Le Baratin, A French Restaurant that’s needed in Toronto

Travelling Foodie eats Cheese Plate at Le Baratin, Toronto

Le Baratin is one of the new restaurants that Toronto needs to have, and it needs to stay. This place, used to be Bivy, is *still* owned by Pascal Vernhes who gave the kitchen reigns to Chef Jean Regis.

Le Baratin is a small intimate bistro along Dundas West. It has natural light from the large front windows during the day, and romantic dim lights at night. The menu is a simple one-pager but covers a wide variety to accommodate most people. There are daily specials as well so be sure to ask what they are.

Travelling Foodie does Indie Coffee Passport at Le Baratin
Though the place has been in my never-ending list of restaurants to visit, we had to come here because we were doing the Indie Coffee Passport to which Le Baratin is a part of, though it was called Bivy in the passport.

Confit de Canard

Travelling Foodie eats Duck Confit
Confit de Canard – Duck leg with roasted potatoes and a green peppercorn wine sauce – $20

I’m a sucker for duck confit and would usually get it when I see it on the menu. The duck leg was perfectly cooked – fall of the bone tender. The green peppercorn wine sauce added a nice touch for flavour. However, I found the duck a tad salty to my taste, which I found unnecessary considering there was the wine sauce already.

Roasted potatoes were underneath the duck. I loved how they did it this way instead of just putting it on the side because the potatoes ended up soaking the duck fat and flavour.

Carre d’agneau a la Proven├žale

Carre d’agneau a la Proven├žale – Lamb rack roasted with mashed potatoes and herbs infuse jus – $25

This item was a daily special that day, and I’m glad I dined here when they had this. This was the best lamb rack I’ve had to date. It was perfectly cooked and melt-in-your mouth in tenderness with the right amount of herbs to bring out the flavour. If there’s one thing you should be ordering here, and you’re not against the taste of lamb, and it’s available on the menu, this should be it!


Travelling Foodie eats Cheese Tart
Tomato, Goat Cheese and Thyme Quiche with Romaine Salad

This was a daily special as well. I really enjoyed the tart here – it was very flaky with a good bite! I suggest not letting this one sit because the tomatoes sort of makes the overall bite soggy because of the juices.

You might notice why this was third when it’s supposed to be an appetizer. It’s because this never came when we initially ordered, and we had to check with the server about this order after we finished with the two mains.

Assiette de Fromages

Travelling Foodie eats Cheese Board
Assiette de Fromages – Asiago (Italy), Raclette (Savoie, France), Selles-sur-cher (Goat Cheese from France) with bread and jam – $10

There selection of cheeses changes depending on what they have for the day, or in season. I really enjoyed the selection we had here because there’s hard, soft and the moldy type. The bread is grilled so you get a little char, which I really love! And the jam was sweet that it accompanies well with the saltiness of the cheese to bring a new flavour profile.

My favorite was the Selles-sur-cher as I’ve never had this before, and it was very interesting. It sort of reminds me of blue cheese.


Opened this year, 2016, Le Baratin Toronto has quickly become a fan favorite among foodies, and it’s very clear why: very reasonable price with one of the best quality french food you can have in the city. Best of all, everything is made fresh in-house.

I love this place! It’s been a while since I’ve had my favourite meats perfectly cooked like this – and in such a good price-point! I also love that fact that both Owner Pascal and Chef Jean Regis came from France, so they are literally bringing France to Toronto with Le Baratin, as the experience and flavours remind me of my trip to Paris.

Le Baratin
1600 dundas st. west, toronto, ontario, m6k 1t8

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