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Markham Ribfest, Delicious BBQ and Food Trucks in One Weekend

Markham Ribfest is an annual fundraising event that takes place in the summer with 100% of admission proceeds going to charity. The event features award-winning Ribbers all around North America who gather over the weekend to feed hungry meat lovers.

I checked out the Markham Ribfest at Markham Civic Centre, where we tried all the Ribbers and most of the food trucks available.

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Ribbers at Markham Ribfest

  1. Billy Bones BBQ
  2. The Crazy Canuck
  3. Gator BBQ
  4. Bad Wolf BBQ
  5. Tennessee Fatbacks
  6. Brickyard BBQ

Best Ribs

My favorite ribs were hands down from Billy Bones BBQ! They had the most tender fall-of-the-bone ribs that the other Ribbers just wasn’t able to do.

Ribs from Billy Bones BBQ at Markham Ribfest 2016
Signage of Billy Bones BBQ at Markham Ribfest 2016

Best Pulled Pork

Gator BBQ’s pulled pork was amazing – tender and flavourful pork with some fattiness to it.

Pulled Pork and Ribs at Gator BBQ at Markham Ribfest 2016

Best Jerk Chicken

Brickyard BBQ’s Jerk Chicken was an eye-opener because it was the juiciest and most tender chicken I’ve had. And the jerk spiciness was flavourful with the perfect amount of spice.

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Best Food Trucks and Vendors at Markham Ribfest

List of Food Trucks and Vendors

  1. Utopia Bubble Tea and Cafe
  2. Pappas Greek On Wheels
  3. Mustache Burger
  4. Urban Smoke Fusion BBQ
  5. Summer Time Lemonade
  6. Coconut Island
  7. Funnel Cake Express
  8. Koi Gourmet Food Truck
  9. Ontario Corn Roaster.Cob
  10. Blooming Onion
  11. BeaverTails – Queues de Castor
  12. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Ontario

Blooming Onions

I always cannot get enough of Blooming Onions. It’s one of my favorite festival foods as I like onion rings in general.

Blooming Onion at Markham Ribfest

Koi Food Truck

Koi Food Truck’s fish and chips was so good! The Sapporo Beer battered, the fish was perfectly cooked with crispy batter. I loved that the batter had a strong beer taste.

Fish and Chips from Koi Food Truck in Markham Ribfest in Toronto, Ontario

Pappas Greek On Wheels

Pappas Greek On Wheels’ Florina Fries (Fries with Feta, Gravy, Gyro Meat and Tzatziki) was a great mix! It’s like eating a gyro sandwich as a poutine.

Florina Fries from Pappas Freek on Wheeles at Markham Civic Centre for Markham Ribfest 2016

Ontario Corn Roasters

Ontario Corn Roasters’ Corn on the Cob was one of the juiciest and sweetest corn I’ve had. And love the spice they added on the corn.

Mustache Burger

Mustache Burger impressed me with the double layer burger I got to try. The patties were so juicy and flavourful, and had a thin bun.

Double Layer Burger from Mustache Burger in Toronto, Ontario

Hope this helps give you an idea about the Markham Ribfest and which Ribbers, Food Trucks and Vendors to try and what to order!

Markham Ribfest
Website / Markham Civic Centre – 101 Town Centre Blvd

DISCLAIMER: Though the food and drinks were provided complimentary as part of the media tour, the opinions in this post are my own.

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