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Public House Las Vegas, Gastropub at The Venetian [CLOSED]

Located at The Venetian, Public House is a contemporary gastropub and beer lover’s paradise as Las Vegas’ first gastropub. The menu consists of elevated comfort food, almost all of which being “beer-infused”.

The bar staff at Public House are all Certified Cicerones (the beer equivalent of a wine sommelier) and offer more than 200 beer selections, including 24 beers on tap and three seasonal cask beer selections from specialty artisanal cask brewers.

They also have an in-house sommelier, Bernard, for wine drinkers, or if you just want to pair your food with wine instead.

We came to Public House on a Friday night during CES, and it was packed because of an unexpected overflow buyout in the restaurant for CES. We ended up sitting in the private room in the lounge.

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Public House Atmosphere

The general atmosphere of the bar and lounge area is fun and casual with dim lighting, lots of comfortable leather seating and wood accents.

I didn’t really get to see the dining room properly because it was already re-arranged for the private function.

Beside the hall to the washroom, there’s a wine cellar where the sommelier resides.

Must-Try Food at Public House

My favourites at Public House were the Cicerone Selection Beer Flight, Imperial Farms Wagyu Flat Iron and the Baker’s Block.

For the Cicerone Selection, we were given the following: Stone Beer from the Cask Barrel, Duchesse de Bourgogne from Belgium, Dragon’s Milk from Holland, Black Ops from Brooklyn.

My favourite was the Dutchess Beer as it was light yet had a sour kick which I found refreshing. My siblings and I generally don’t like bitter beer so we disliked Dragon’s Milk the most.

Good thing the server was nice enough to change it to a light beer since we said it was too bitter for our liking. He replaced it with the Blanche De Bruxelles (Manneken Pis Belgian White) Beer.

This ended up being my favourite because I just love light and refreshing wheat beer similar to Stella Artois.

Cicerone Selection at Public House at The Venetian Las Vegas Nevada

From right to left: Stone Beer from the Cask Barrel, Dutchess Beer from Belgium, Dragon’s Milk from Holland, Black Ops from Brooklyn

One thing to note about the ribeye at Public House. We were told by the server (coming from the chef) that their cut of ribeye is different than other steakhouses. It is much leaner and has less marbling than what I’m used to for ribeyes.

Dry Age Ribeye

Therefore, if you have the same taste as me for ribeye, I recommend going with the Imperial Farms Wagyu Flat Iron instead. This satisfied my steak craving as it was marbled and tender, and perfectly cooked with my doneness of medium-rare.

What surprised me the most at Public House was the Baker’s Block dessert. Everything in this block was made in-house and was just so good! My favourites in the block were the Irish coffee cheesecake, banoffee tartlet, chocolate stout trifle and brown ale creme brulee.

Baker's Block

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  • Cicerone Selection – $24 – Chosen by our Cicerone program trained bartenders; Based on the rarest and most delicious beers currently on draft.
  • Tuna Poke – $17 – soy stout glaze, asian pear, jalapeno, shiso, crispy lotus root & wasabi tobiko
Tuna Poke at Public House Las Vegas
  • Dry Age Ribeye – $55 – 18oz (bone in)
  • Imperial Farms Wagyu Flat Iron – $42 – 8oz
  • Fingerling Potato Hash – $8 – Pork Belly
  • Baker’s Block – $17 – raspberry lambic cocoa nib caramel corn, cherry beer marshmallow, brown ale crème brûlée, apple hand pie, irish coffee cheesecake, chocolate stout trifle, nutella cookie, banoffee tartlet

Public House
Address: The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian

The Venetian
Website / Address: 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

Disclaimer: Although the food was subsidized, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company’s.

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