Pyramid of Cestius | Rome, Italy

One thing I enjoyed about Rome is the random spots of ancient sights in a modern urban city. When we were doing our big walk east to Palatine Hill, we spotted this random pyramid in the streets of Rome – Pyramid of Cestius.

Did you know? The Pyramid of Cestius is the only surviving monument of a series of similar buildings existing in 1st century BCE Rome.

The pyramid was built around 18–12 BC during the reign of the emperor Augustus as a tomb for Gaius Cestius who died in 12 BC. He was a praetor, tribune of the people, official of the public banquets.

Though a lot of people told me there’s nothing much to this Pyramid and can be skipped, I actually liked the fact that it’s just there so it’s easy to mark off the tourist checklist and it’s small enough for you to take it all in. You don’t need to spend more time since you don’t need to tour inside.


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  1. Hi, I love this post.
    I just got back from Italy and was so sad I didn’t get the chance to visit Rome but it’s definitely on my to go list next time.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely piece!
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