Roman Aroma Cafe, Authentic Italian Desserts at Redondo Beach

Roman Aroma Cafe is an Italian Cafe at Redondo Beach, California featuring Italian gelato, desserts and some savoury items. Italian owner Francesco notes, “From the moment I arrived in California, I noticed that coffee shops were completely different from the ones in Italy.”

The first time I visited was because of a 50% off Groupon that my brother bought. We enjoyed the gelato and tiramisu that we decided to come back for a second visit.

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Roman Aroma Cafe Interior

The interior is very modern and white with glass walls to bring natural light, which makes it very instagrammable. There’s relatively few seating (~15 people) so be sure to come during off-peak hours if you want to sit in.

Desserts & Drinks at Roman Aroma Cafe


Their gelato comes from Italy and they regularly change the flavours based on availability. My favorites were the pistachio and ube.

The pistachio gelato had the roasted taste and a real pistachio taste.

The ube (purple yam) gelato was interesting to see being offered because it’s a Filipino flavour. Since I’m originally from the Philippines, I definitely had to try it, and it was so good!

Chocolate Mousse Cake

The Chocolate Mousse Cake is a very decadent cake. I loved the fact that it was very rich, but not sweet.

It goes perfectly well with an espresso drink to balance it out.


The cannoli here is another type of cannoli because it has a different shell. I actually quite enjoyed this shell as it resembled a very flaky pastry, which was more like a croissant.

The filling was just right for me: creamy and not overly sweet.


The Tiramisu was really good, though it was missing the ladyfingers.

Espresso — Marocchino

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Roman Aroma Cafe
Website / Address: 903 North Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach, CA 90277