Things To Do in Seattle, Washington: 12 Instagrammable Spots

Space Needle Dusk Skyline in Seattle, Washington

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A seaport city on the west coast United States, Seattle is the largest city in both the Washington State and Pacific Northwest. Did you know? Seattle is the northernmost city in the USA.

Seattle’s beauty lies in the fact that it’s surrounded by waters and mountains, specifically Mount Rainier which you can see from the distance from the city itself.

Mount Rainier backdrop of Seattle, Washington in Space Needle
Mount Rainier backdrop of Seattle

The city is very walkable which makes it great for travelling foodies as you can mix attractions with the restaurants in one crawl.

Along with the rising tech hub, there are many pretty interesting and unique things to do in Seattle… and they are Instagrammable spots too.

Seattle, Washington: 12 Things To Do including Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Pike Place Market, Kerry Park and The Spheres.

12 Things To Do in Seattle, Washington:

Space Needle

Website / Address: 400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109
Hours: M-Th: 10am-7pm; F-Sun: 9am-7pm
Price: Regular $27.50-$37.50; Senior (65+): $22.50-$32.50; Youth (5-12): $21.50-$28.50

The most popular landmark and one of the best things to do in Seattle is the Space Needle, located at the Seattle Center. This 605′ tall structure has two levels of experiences.

Fall-framing Space Needle in Seattle, Washington

The main observation deck has floor-to-ceiling glass viewing experiences offering a 360-degree view of Seattle. I love that it’s an open air deck so you really feel the experience of being on top.

Mount Rainier view from Space Needle in Seattle, Washington
Majestic Mount Rainier from the distance
View of seaport from Space Needle in Seattle, Washington
Seaport view

Another cool thing is the Skyrisers, which are tilted glass benches connected to the glass walls that make for perfect Instagram selfie shots.

Travelling Foodie Raymond Cua on Skyrisers at Space Needle in Seattle, Washington
This is what it’s like sitting at the Skyrisers.
Skyrisers at Space Needle in Seattle, Washington
Skyrisers bench looking into Lake Union

The connected lower level is The Loupe, which is the world’s first and only revolving glass floor 500 feet from the ground.

Travelling Foodie Raymond Cua at Space Needle's The Loupe in Seattle, Washington
Complimentary digital photos from their photographers capturing fish-eye view of The Loupe
Glass floor of The Loupe at Space Needle in Seattle, Washington
The Loupe, glass floor

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Website / Address: 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109
Hours: M-Th: 11am-6pm; F-Sun: 10am-6pm
Price: Regular: $26; Senior (65+): $22; Youth (5-12): $17

Another must-visit attraction in Seattle located at the Seattle Center next to the Space Needle is the Chihuly Garden and Glass. This museum showcases the beautiful glass art of artist Dale Chihuly, and teaches the inspiration and influences behind his craft.

Did you know? Dale Chihuly is a Washington native, but his works can be seen worldwide in more than 200 museum collections.

Glass Forest at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington
One of Chihuly’s earlier works, the Glass Forest is created by dropping molten glass from stepladders.

Travelling Foodie Tip: If you’re planning to do both Space Needle and Chihuly, they have a combo package that saves you money: $49 Regular, $44 Senior and $36 Youth.

Float Boats at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington
Float Boats

The museum has eight galleries, the centerpiece Glasshouse and a Garden – all with life-size glass art depicting various aspects of life from sea forms to gardens and flowers.

Sealife Tower at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington
The sealife tower stands as the centerpiece of the Sealife Room, reflecting the fluidity and water-like movement of glass.
Mille Fiori at Chihuly Garden
The Mille Fiori, a thousand flowers, is a glass garden
Blue Chandelier at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington
Blue Chandelier

The most Instagrammable spot is the installation in the Glasshouse, a 100-foot long glass sculpture suspended on the 4,500 square feet space. The sculpture is so vibrant with colors of red, orange, yellow and amber.

Chihuly Garden and Glass' The Glasshouse in Seattle, Washington
The Glasshouse

What’s beautiful is you can also see the Space Needle when you look up the Glasshouse. And if you stand on the right spot, you can frame the Space Needle with the glass sculpture.

Space Needle from Glasshouse at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington
Freaming the beauty of Space Needle with the Glasshouse installation

Be sure to also check out the Garden which is very unique because it blends nature and art together.

Icicle Tower at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington
Icicle Tower

Pike Place Market

Website / Address: Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

The Pike Place Market needs no introduction. You’ll find this on every list of best things to do in Seattle, especially for travelling foodies. This public market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront is Seattle’s original farmers market and one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States, established in 1907.

With its preserved and protected historic buildings and nine-acre historic district, there’s many things to do (and eat) in this market. You cannot miss the iconic sign which is all over Instagram.

Public Market sign at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Be sure to also pay a visit to Rachel the Piggy Bank, the bronze cast mascot of Pike Place Market located beneath the Public Market Clock and Sign at the corner of Pike Place.

Did you know? It’s been said that if you rub Rachel’s snout and make a donation, you’ll have good luck! Let me know if you’ve tried it (and if it worked).

Rachel the Piggy Bank at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

You can also visit the Victor Steinbreuck Park which has sculptures and overlooks Elliott Bay.

Totem Poles at Victor Steinbreuck Park at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Gum Wall

Address: 1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

With its popularity, the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market deserves to be its own entry. This brick wall covered in chewing gum is definitely one of the weirdest (quirkiest?) attractions in Seattle.

Long strands of gum on Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington

Did you know? The gum wall has only been cleaned twice: first time in 2015, and the second in 2018! Apparently, an estimated one million pieces of gum was stuck on the wall during the first cleaning.

The Gum Wall at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Seattle Great Wheel

Website / Address: 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101
Hours: M-Th: 11am-10pm; F: 11am-12am; Sa: 10am-12am; Su: 10am-10pm
Price: Regular: $14; Senior (65+): $12; Youth (3-11): $9

Located at Pier 57 on Elliott Bay, the Seattle Great Wheel is a 175-feet Ferris Wheel with a run time of 12 minutues with each gondola fitting 8 people. Did you know? It was the tallest Ferris Wheel on the west coast when it opened in 2012.

Be sure to see the Seattle Great Wheel at night when its 500,000 LED lights are illuminated. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the ferris wheel has colorful light show displays.

Seattle Great Wheel in Seattle, Washington

Amazon Spheres

Website / Address: 2111 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm, 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month by reservation only
Price: Free

Most of Seattle’s tech hub is brought about by Amazon so it’s not surprising when Amazon decided to build the unique Spheres building, three spherical conservatories fused together to be home to more than 40,000 plants and over 700 species at any given time.

Exterior of The Spheres in Seattle, Washington
Outside The Spheres

Did you know? The Spheres was made for the employees as a place for them to think and work differently. Outside, there are public spaces that anyone can use including a dog park.

Workspaces at The Spheres in Seattle, Washington
Ceiling of the The Spheres in Amazon Headquarters, Seattle, Washington

They have a cool meeting room called the Bird’s Nest. The name is self-explanatory when you see it.

Bird's Nest at The Amazon Spheres in Seattle, Washington
Bird’s Nest

I was most amazed by the 60-foot-tall living wall covering 4,000 square feet with more than 25,000 plants.

Living Wall at Amazon Spheres in Seattle, Washington

Alki Beach

Address: Alki Beach, Seattle, WA

Alki Beach is Seattle’s closest beach that stretches for 2.5 miles in which you can find the Alki Point Lighthouse and a miniature Statue of Liberty. Did you know? In November 1851, the first white settlers in Seattle landed on Alki Beach.

Travelling Foodie Tip: An easy way to get to the beach without driving is by taking the West Seattle Water Taxi which stops at the eastern end of Alki Beach after a 15-minute ride.

Sunset on Alki Beach in Seattle, Washington
Sunset view. Leave only footprints on the beach.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Website / Address: 2901 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Created and operated by the Seattle Art Museum, the award-winning Olympic Sculpture Park is a 9-acre outdoor sculpture park with 21 sculptures. Best of all, it’s free and open to the public. Did you know? The Olympic Sculpture Park is the largest green space in downtown Seattle.

Father and Son by Louise Bourgeois at Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, Washington
Father and Son by Louise Bourgeois (2004–2006): the father and son are engulfed in water and separated as the fountain’s water rises and falls.

Travelling Foodie Tip: They offer free 60-minute guided tours throughout the year.

Echo by Jaume Plensa at Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, Washington
Echo by Jaume Plensa (2011): a 46-feet tall head of mountain nymph Echo from Greek mythology

Kerry Park

Website / Address: 211 W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119

Where to find the best skyline view of Seattle? That would be Kerry Park. This 1.26-acre park will provide you with unobstructed views of Elliott Bay and downtown Seattle. If you get lucky, you might also see Mount Rainier on the backdrop.

This one of the most popular spots in Seattle for photographers so be sure to come early to get parking and a good photo spot! I would say this is more of a viewpoint than a park because there’s not much in the park aside from the view.

Nighttime Seattle Skyline at Kerry Park in Seattle, Washington
Seattle Night Skyline

Bainbridge Island Ferry

Website / Address: 801 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: 6:10am-2:10am next day
Price: Regular: $8.50; Senior (65+): $4.25; Youth (6-18): $4.25. Prices are round-trip.

A great way to see Seattle from another perspective is by taking the Bainbridge Island Ferry. The 35-minute one-way ride gives you beautiful panoramic views of Seattle and Mount Rainier. Aside from that, this makes for a fun and a short day trip to Bainbridge Island.

Panoramic Skyline of Seattle, Washington from Bainbridge Island Ferry
Beautiful panoramic views to be had. This really shows you how tall the Space Needle is!
Mount Rainier view from Bainbridge Island Ferry in Seattle, Washington
View of Mount Rainier

Travelling Foodie Tip: For maximum photo opportunities, do your round-trip ferry rides on different parts of the day. For example, arrive during lunch and leave for sunset or nighttime.

Space Needle view from Bainbridge Island Ferry in Seattle, Washington
View of Space Needle

Fremont Troll

Website / Address: Troll Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

If you want something interesting, the Fremont Troll is one of the best things to do in Seattle. Created in 1990, the Fremont Troll is a public sculpture in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle. I love how creative this is as it made a tourist attraction out of a typically avoided area.

This 18-feet high troll under the bridge is based on a Scandinavian (Norwegian) folklore, Billy Goat’s Gruff, where three goats had to cross a bridge to get food but there’s a fearsome and hideous troll underneath it.

Fremont Troll in Seattle, Washington
Troll under the bridge

Gas Works Park

Website / Address: 2101 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

The Gas Works Park is a 19.1-acre public park that contains the only coal gasification plant in the United States. I love that they incorporated remnants of the plant on the park like the children’s play barn made by reconditioning the plant’s exhauster-compressor building.

For awesome 360-degree views, climb Kite Hill, a small kite-flying hill with a sundial on top.

Old Oil Plant from Kit Hill at Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington
Old Oil Plant

Hope this travel guide gives you an idea on some of the best things to do and see in Seattle! Now go get your Instagram shots! I’m always in search for more so please let me know what you find are the best Instagrammable spots in Seattle.

12 Instagrammable Spots with some of the best things to do in Seattle, Washington


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