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To Go Toronto: 3 Must-Try Restaurants for Toronto Takeout and Delivery

Looking for Toronto takeout and delivery? In this food guide, I’m featuring 3 must-try restaurants for takeout and delivery from the To Go Toronto website.

With Toronto on lockdown, we must continue to support our local restaurants by ordering takeout or delivery during these challenging times.

To Go Toronto: Must-Try Toronto Restaurants for Takeout & Delivery

To Go Toronto: Online Restaurant Hub for Toronto Takeout & Delivery Options

The restaurant industry needs our help now more than ever.

Due to the pandemic, Toronto restaurants had to close or pivot to takeout and delivery to continue operating.

I remember, when it happened, it was hard to keep track of all the restaurants that started offering these options.

This is why it’s great to have a resource like To Go Toronto, an online restaurant hub that is focused on restaurants with delivery and takeout options (as well as patio dining when it was allowed).

It is such a useful website! And here’s why:

  • There are 600+ Toronto restaurants listed on the site, and the list gets updated.
  • You don’t need to search through multiple takeout or delivery apps to find options.
  • You are not limited to restaurants available on takeout and delivery apps.
  • You can filter by takeout, delivery, neighbourhood and cuisine.
  • Yelp ratings are available for some restaurants, which I find really useful because I typically look up restaurants on Yelp as part of my research!
  • GPS feature to find restaurants near you based on your filter selection.
  • It has all necessary restaurant information included: phone, address, website, overview, and even signature items for some restaurants.

I strongly encourage you to check out To Go Toronto when you’re looking for takeout or delivery options in the city!

If you are unable to do takeout and delivery, check out the Toronto Restaurants Signature Recipes so you can make signature dishes at home from some of your favourite restaurants.

I used To Go Toronto to find the restaurants in this list. With Toronto having such a strong and diverse food scene, I wanted to have a great mix of restaurants so I had some deciding factors:

  • Restaurant selection:
    • One of my favourite restaurants
    • A new restaurant that opened in 2020
    • A restaurant I haven’t tried
  • Different cuisines
  • Different neighbourhoods

With these criteria in mind, I went through To Go Toronto and selected restaurants that matched, checked reviews and see if I’ll be able to do a food delivery.

Delivery Boxes from Casa Manila in Toronto, Ontario

Must-Try Toronto Restaurants for Takeout and Delivery

Here are 3 must-try restaurants for takeout and delivery in Toronto!

Once the pandemic subsides and you’re ready to dine-in at restaurants and bars, enjoy some Toronto Happy Hour!

If you aren’t able to dine-in and the restaurant doesn’t have its own delivery, consider these food apps. As my friends, I have deals for you:

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  • Uber Eats – $5 off a $15 Order with code “eats-raymondc1274ue“.
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Casa Manila

Coming from the Philippines, I definitely wanted to feature Filipino cuisine.

One of the best Filipino restaurants in Toronto is Casa Manila, a restaurant on the east end of North York that was one of my first Filipino dining experiences in Toronto.

Casa Manila has helped shine a spotlight to Filipino food in Toronto’s food scene, having been featured in Food Network Canada’s You Gotta Eat Here.

Though they offer fusion dishes, I highly recommend ordering the authentic Filipino dishes.

Here are three of my favourite dishes at Casa Manila:

  • Sisig: A highly addicting crispy and flavourful appetizer. I typically get pork sisig but, if I am already getting another pork dish, then I get the chicken skin sisig.
  • Crispy Pork Binagoongan: A different take on crispy pork belly. These are double fried and lightly sauteed with bagoong (shrimp paste).
  • Crispy Baby Squid: This is not your basic calamari. These are whole baby squids that are deep fried to perfection!
Chicken Skin Sisig, Pork Belly Shrimp Paste and Fried Whole Baby Squid from Casa Manila in Toronto, Ontario
On the table:
1. Chicken Skin Sisig ($14.95) – crunchy, seasoned with house-made creamy Sisig Sauce with onions, fried garlic and a lemon wedge
2. Pork Belly Shrimp Paste / Crispy Pork Binagoongan ($18.95) – Double fried belly, lightly sautéed with our Bagoong/Shrimp Paste, sauteed garlic, onion, tomato, and top with eggplant and green mango.
3. Crispy Baby Squid / Pritong Pusit ($17.95) – Whole baby squid fried in a light batter. Served with house-made seasoned vinegar

Casa Manila
Website / Address: 879 York Mills Rd Unit #1, Toronto, Ontario M3B 1Y5

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

For my new restaurant pick, I am featuring Pai, one of the Toronto Michelin Recommended restaurants.

I was surprised to find Pai Uptown on To Go Toronto since they just opened recently on Nov. 16.

This just shows how updated the website is.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know Pai is one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto for Thai, but the problem was that it’s all the way in the downtown core.

I was so happy when Chef Nuit told me they are opening a new restaurant uptown back in January. Uptowners can now enjoy one of Toronto’s best restaurants!

With Pai Uptown, there are new menu items that aren’t available in Pai downtown so I just had to try them, and they were both so delicious: Pad See Ew and Khao Pad Baan Nok.

This is a rare opportunity that uptowners can try something before downtowners so take advantage of it and order takeout/delivery!

Thai Fried Rice, Beef Panang Curry and Shrimp Pad See Ew at Pai Northern Thai in Toronto, Ontario
On the table:
1. Khao Pad Baan Nok ($17) – Fried rice with Chinese broccoli, tomato, egg, Thai garlic and beef
2. Panang Curry ($17) – Thick Panang curry sauce with makrut lime leaves, thai basil leaves, red chili and coconut milk and beef.
3. Pad See Ew ($18) – Stir-fried hand-cut rice noodles with sweet soy sauce, Chinese broccoli, egg, and shrimps

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen
Website / Uptown Address: 2335 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario M4P 2E6
Downtown Address: 18 Duncan St, Toronto, ON M5H 3G8

Torch Pressed Sushi

Japanese cuisine is one of my favourite cuisines and sushi being at the top.

For this pick, I wanted to feature Japanese food from a restaurant that I’ve always wanted to try, Torch Pressed Sushi.

Torch Pressed Sushi opened its first location in North York in 2018.

It’s a small shop that mostly does takeout and delivery which makes it a great option.

They also opened a second location in downtown on Oct 2019.

As their name suggests, the must-try is their torched pressed sushi, which is sushi packed tightly together into a box shape and then flame seared on top.

I love aburi sushi because the partially charred sushi brings out an extra flavour you won’t get otherwise.

The Tasting Box is the perfect item to order here.

You’ll get to try one piece of each type of torch pressed sushi (spicy salmon, original salmon, marinated butterfish, wasabi tuna, spicy tuna, zesty shrimp, BBQ unagi and Fantastic 4).

Plus the box comes with two DIY handrolls (otoro and lobster) which are fun and delicious to make.

If you aren’t into sushi or raw seafood, the great news is they have cooked options as well like the delicious Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl.

Sushi and Handroll Tasting Box and Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl at Torch Pressed Sushi in Toronto, Ontario
On the table:
1. Tasting Box ($27.95) – 8 pieces Torch sushi (one of each type), 1 Lobster handroll, 1 Toro handroll, red and green seaweed salad and edamame
2. Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl ($22.95) – 100g Australian M9 wagyu beef, Japanese BBQ sauce, corn, butter

Torch Pressed Sushi
Website / Uptown Address: 6026 Yonge St, North York, Ontario M2M 3W5
Downtown Address: 507 Church St, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2C9

Here’s a map of all the Toronto restaurants featured.

Huge thanks to Destination Toronto for sponsoring this post! As usual, all reviews and opinions are 100% my own.

You can learn more about Destination Toronto on their website.

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