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5 Unique Mississauga Restaurants You Must Try (With Video)

Looking to try unique restaurants in Mississauga? From special foods to one-of-a-kind dining experiences, Mississauga is a haven for travelling foodies.

Located in Ontario, Canada, Mississauga is one of the most diverse cities in the world, a melting pot of cultures with over 60% of residents identifying as visible minority.

This diversity is reflected in Mississauga’s vibrant food scene lending itself to some unique restaurants and amazing places to eat and drink.

And as a travelling foodie, I came curious and hungry!

Unique Restaurants in Mississauga You Must Try on

One-of-a-Kind Restaurants in Mississauga

With over 1,200 local restaurants from over 150 countries in Mississauga, I was on a mission to find some truly unique foods & dining experiences and one-of-a-kind restaurants with themes/concepts that I’ve rarely seen in my travels abroad or locally in my own backyard in Ontario.

And I was not disappointed! Here are 5 unique restaurants in Mississauga you must try, in different cuisines and restaurant types. I hope you’ll find something new to try.

I’ve also included a restaurant map at the end of this guide so you can plan your trip! Plus, there’s a video of the dining experiences with behind-the-scenes.

Absolute World's Marilyn Monroe Condos in Mississauga

Adel’s Fatatre

Where to eat a unique style of pizza in Mississauga?

When it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine, Egyptian cuisine tends to be less common to find, let alone Egyptian street food.

Enter Adel’s Fatatre, a family-run restaurant that takes pride in Egyptian street food with a twist. Their specialty is Feteer Mahshey, what they call “Egyptian stuffed pizza,” a flaky pastry stuffed with different fillings.

It was my first time having this unique style of pizza, and there’s no other restaurant in Ontario that specializes in Feteer.

I highly recommend the Mix Meat Feteer since it has Middle Eastern and Egyptian meats (spicy soujuk and basterma) along with ground beef, bell pepper and cheese.

Egyptian Stuffed Pizza and Sweet Feteer at Adels Fatatre in Mississauga
Custard Sweet Feteer and Mixed Meat Feteer Mahshey

I love that the pastry is thin and crispy and doesn’t feel oily and heavy so you get to enjoy the fillings a lot more.

If you have a sweet tooth, they also have Sweet Feteer which is stuffed with something sweet like Nutella, but I recommend trying it with their homemade custard.

For a more traditional dish, you’ll want to try the Feteer Meshaltet Bel Samna, a multi-layered pastry dough with loads of butter in between. Think Egyptian version of Indian malabar paratha or French croissant.

The Feteer Meshaltet is so good on its own, but it’s also commonly dipped in both molasses and tahini if you want something sweet.

Travelling Foodie Raymond Cua trying unique Mississauga restaurant for Egyptian pizza

Website / Address: 6085 Creditview Rd #19, Mississauga, ON L5V 2A8

Baba’s Kunafa

Where to have a unique dessert in Mississauga?

Kunafa (or Knafeh or Künefe) is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with spun pastry called kataifi, layered with cheese or cream, and sweetened with syrup. They can usually be found in Middle Eastern restaurants/bakeries.

I love kunafa and have only had them at Middle Eastern restaurants before, usually at Turkish restaurants (where it’s called Künefe). It was only on a trip to Turkey where I saw actual Künefe shops that specialized in that one dessert.

I haven’t really seen many kunefe shops outside Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries so I was very surprised to find this unique gem in Mississauga, Baba’s Kunafa in Streetsville neighbourhood.

As their name suggests, they are all about kunafa! And what’s even more special is Baba’s Kunafa also has some one-of-a-kind twists to kunafa that I’ve never seen before.

Have you ever seen a Kunafa Popsicle? Neither have I until Baba’s Kunafa.

These Kunafa Sticks are great single portion desserts, but they’re even better for sharing because it comes with four sticks, each with a different flavour: Nutella, Lotus Biscoff, pistachio and plain. You’ll want to taste each one!

Knafeh Popsicle Sticks at Baba's Kunafa in Mississauga
Kunafa Sticks (top to bottom): Lotus Biscoff, Pistachio, Regular and Nutella

Another unique thing at Baba’s Kunafa is you can try both cream or cheese-filled kunafas. Having only tried the Turkish kunefe which uses cheese, it was my first time trying kunafa with cream, which is the norm in Egypt.

If you’d like to compare and contrast both, the Baba Mix is the best dessert to try! This twist to kunafa has half of one side with cheese and the other with cream, one side topped with whole roasted pistachios and the other with crushed pistachios.

Don’t forget to top your kunafa with Arabic ice cream!

As kunafas and baklava (which they also have) can be quite sweet, it goes great with some Turkish/Arabic coffee that they offer.

Travelling Foodie Raymond Cua trying unique Mississauga restaurant for Middle Eastern dessert
Baba Mix

Website / Address: 247 Queen St S, Mississauga, ON L5M 1L7

Befikre | Bar + Indian Kitchen

Where to have unique craft cocktails and innovative Indian food in Mississauga?

Befikre | Bar + Indian Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Mississauga for a modernist approach to Indian cuisine with innovative twists I’ve never seen before on Indian food while still keeping traditional flavours intact.

I’ve had gol gappa (pani puri) made traditionally as street food in India and at a Toronto restaurant before, but it was my first time having them this way at Befikre. Their Delhi’s Special Gol Gappa is a one-of-a-kind DIY experience with test tubes and syringe!

The four homemade sauces (tamarind, green chilly mint and coriander, hiing/asefoetida, and mango) are on separate test tubes in a beaker that’s cooled with liquid nitrogen. There’s also a syringe with a sweet sauce.

Grab a pani puri, break a small hole on top, scoop potato fillings into the sphere, and top with your choice of sauce from the test tubes and inject some of that sweet sauce from the syringe.

The beauty is you can mix-and-match the sauces to your liking, but I highly recommend tasting them on its own first to determine flavours that you like.

Creative Indian food at Befikre Bar in Mississauga
On the table:
1) The Drunken Chicken
2) Tropical Pursuit
3) Truffle Malai Chicken Tikka with Cheese Fondue
4) Sigri Paneer Tikka
5) Rum Rhapsody
6) Delhi’s Special Gol Gappa

We all know about tandoori chicken, one of the most popular Indian food. My favourite dish at Befikre was The Drunken Chicken, tender and flavourful tandoori chicken marinated in chef’s special spices and yoghurt finished in a clay oven.

What’s so unique about their Drunken Chicken is they flambe the dish with liquor table-side, similar to what they do for Greek saganaki, and it’s something I’ve never seen done to chicken tandoori before.

Other interesting dishes are the Truffle Malai Chicken Tikka with Cheese Fondue and Sigri Paneer Tikka. And if you’re looking for more traditional flavours, you can’t go wrong with the Legendary Lamb Chops.

You’ll also want to save room for this unique fusion dessert I’ve never seen before: Rasmalai Tresleche. I love both Rasmalai and Tres Leches Cake on their own, and this combination is just genius.

The drinks are also something to enjoy at Befikre. This elevated gastropub’s cocktail menu is crafted by Tao Zrafi from Netflix’s Drink Masters so you’re sure to find some special concoctions.

I highly recommend the Tropical Pursuit, which lives up to its name with all the tropical flavours they include: kalamansi, coconut, pineapple, pandan and lime. Very creamy with the egg white, and slightly sweet.

If you’re looking for a more booze-forward cocktail, the Rum Rhapsody doesn’t disappoint. For non-alcoholic drinks, the Mango-tini mocktail is refreshing and good for sharing, served on a fishbowl that’s chilled with liquid nitrogen underneath.

Travelling Foodie Raymond Cua trying unique Mississauga restaurant for innovative Indian cuisine

Website / Address: 295 Enfield Pl, Mississauga, ON L5B 3E2

Potato Bar

Where’s a one-of-a-kind comfort food spot in Mississauga?

Potato Bar is Canada’s first of its kind, potato bar! Started by co-owners and brothers Bilol and Musa Vakil, this unique Mississauga restaurant lets you enjoy potatoes in different ways (smoked, hand-cut fries and tater tots).

You can have them plain or loaded with in-house toppings. With over 40+ toppings & sauces to choose from, you can fully customize and never run out of combinations to try.

Or, you can choose from preset options based on international flavours like Mexican Fiesta (which has guacamole and salsa) and Greek Freak (which has Black & Green Olives and Chickpea Salad).

Their Smoked Potato is a unique take on a Loaded Baked Potato. Locally farmed PEI potatoes are smoked with Cherokee wood, cut open and then mashed inside with butter before loading with toppings.

Smoked Potato, Tots, Chicken Wings and Fries at Potato Bar in Mississauga
On the table (clockwise from top left):
1) Fries Nachooo
2) Alabama Tots
3) Smokey Texas BBQ Wings & Fries
4) Big Philly Smoked Potato

The hand-cut fries are cut from the same PEI potatoes on-site, where you’ll find their potato cutter that cuts a whole potato in one shot. These fresh-made fries are blanched in the fryer for that twice-fried crispiness.

I highly recommend the Big Philly which has melt-in-your-mouth tender pulled beef that’s been slow cooked for 5 hours topped with mushroom truffle, sautéed veggies & mixed herbs and drizzled with melted cheese and potato bar sauce.

A great way to enjoy their hand-cut fries plain is their Wings & Fries with crispy and saucy in-house chicken wings, which also comes with a vegetable side.

This is a potato lover’s dream restaurant! One thing’s for certain: after a trip to Potato Bar, you’re more than ready to turn into a potato.

Travelling Foodie Raymond Cua trying unique Mississauga restaurant for potato snacks

Website / Address: 3525 Platinum Dr, Unit 119, Mississauga, ON L5M 2R9

YouXia MaLaTang 优夏麻辣烫

Where to have a unique noodle soup experience in Mississauga?

YouXia Malatang offers up a unique way to eat noodle soup in Mississauga. Think of it as a DIY Hot Pot, but single-serve unlike the typical shared group hot pot experiences.

Malatang is a Chinese street food experience from Sichuan, China, and the key ingredient is the mala sauce (a Sichuan pepper and dried chilli pepper combination), where its name is derived from.

You won’t find a menu at YouXia Malatang. Instead, you’ll head to the fridge where the steps are explained on top. Grab your giant bowl and a pair of tongs, and choose ingredients from the fridge.

Specializing in totally customizable bowls, this one-of-a-kind dining experience lets you choose every single ingredient and at any amount. And with a myriad of toppings to choose from, the permutations are endless!

Travelling Foodie Tip: I highly recommend making an initial pass of just looking at all the ingredients available before putting them on the bowl. The number of options can get overwhelming if you don’t strategize.

I was surprised with the variety of noodle types they have like potato, buckwheat, udon, ramen, hand-pulled, wide, bean curd, and more. Plus, they have some uncommon items I didn’t expect like frog legs and whelk.

As someone who loves trying different things, I love that I can choose a little bit of everything that I wanted on my bowl, even as little as one piece of lobster ball.

Noodle Soup at YouXia Malatang in Mississauga
Tomato Soup Base

After you’re done with your bowl, the next step is to weigh and pay at the counter: $3.29 for every 100 grams with a minimum of 400g. You also choose your soup base (which is part of the price already) and drink (extra but optional) when you pay.

Don’t worry if you can’t do spicy!

There are both spicy and non-spicy soup bases: Classic Beef Bone (Spicy) and Tomato Soup (Non-Spicy). If you’re not in the mood for soup, a Dry Mix option is available, but there’s no non-spicy option for it. For Spicy options, you can choose the Spice Level (Mild, Small, Medium, Extra).

After paying, the staff will then take your bowl to the kitchen to cook with the soup, and hand you a numbered stand. Once ready, your masterpiece will be brought to your table.

It’s truly a fun experience building your bowl, and both soup bases are rich and flavourful. I like spicy food and found the Medium level normal for me, but my friend who isn’t into spicy food said it was very spicy so be mindful of your spice tolerance.

YouXia MaLaTang is the only Malatang restaurant in Mississauga making it very unique.

You’ll find some Malatang restaurants in Toronto, Richmond Hill and Markham, but only a few do this fully customizable concept. Usually, it’ll be a fixed bowl, or you can order ingredients from a menu but they are a fixed portion (e.g. what if I only wanted a piece of topping instead of a plateful/skewer).

Elsewhere in Ontario, you can’t find this special dining experience!

Travelling Foodie Raymond Cua trying unique Mississauga restaurant for noodle soup
Beef Bone Soup with Medium Spice Level

Address: 723 Central Pkwy W, Mississauga, ON L5B 4L1

How To Get To Mississauga

Mississauga is a year-round destination, making it a great destination for your vacation whether you’re doing a day trip, a weekend getaway or an Ontario road trip.

It’s very easy to get to Mississauga by car within Ontario:

You can also take the GO Transit to Mississauga via train or bus with multiple train stations and transit stops available.

Kariya Park in Mississauga
Kariya Park

Where To Stay in Mississauga

I stayed at the Hilton Mississauga Meadowvale for one night. Conveniently located off Highway 401 and near Streetsville neighbourhood, this four-star hotel is family-friendly and has a gym, indoor and outdoor pools, and the area’s longest indoor waterslides.

Travelling Foodie Tip: If you’re doing the breakfast buffet at Hilton Meadowvale’s Quest Restaurant, skip the eggs at the buffet because you can order eggs fresh-to-order from your server as part of the buffet!

Premiere Room with Queen Beds and Balcony at Hilton Mississauga Meadowvale
Premium Room with Two Queen Beds

Website / Address: 6750 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N 2L3
Reviews and pricing: / Agoda

Mississauga Food Tour Video

To get an immersive experience, watch this Mississauga travel vlog where I take you to all the unique restaurants I visited, food and drinks I tried along with some behind-the-scenes in the kitchen!

Map: Unique Restaurants in Mississauga

To help you plan your food trip, here’s a map of all the unique Mississauga restaurants featured in this guide.

I hope this restaurant guide gives you an idea on some of the best restaurants in Mississauga to try for something unique and one-of-a-kind.

Comment below which ones you’ve already tried and ones you’d love to try!

I’m always looking for recommendations so please let me know what you find are unique restaurants in Mississauga I should visit on my next trip.

This food guide was made in partnership with Visit Mississauga! As usual, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, and I did all the research on these restaurants to visit.

You can learn more about Visit Mississauga on their website here.

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