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Vegas Seafood Buffet, Delicious Vegas-style Buffet in Torrance

Vegas Seafood Buffet in Torrance is inspired by the variety of buffet restaurants in Las Vegas, offering over 150 selections in the buffet ranging from seafood, teppanyaki, churrasco, sushi, salad, fruits, poultry, meat and dessert.

Vegas Seafood Buffet is one of the best buffet restaurants in Torrance when we crave seafood. In fact, I find it better than some of the buffets you’ll find in Las Vegas.

The restaurant is located at the Del Amo Fashion Center right across from BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. My relatives always take us here because they know how much our family loves seafood.

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Dinner Buffet at Vegas Seafood Buffet

We’ve only been here for dinner ($21.95) so I’m not sure how big a difference it is with lunch in terms of selection.

My usual favourites from the buffet were the raw oysters, baked scallops, baked shrimp, roast duck and prime rib.

Surprisingly, their salmon sashimi was pretty good too, but you have to be picky.

Travelling Foodie Tip: Look for the salmon pieces with lots of white as they are most likely salmon belly!

Their roast duck is meaty, juicy and has a nice crispy skin.

The baked scallops aren’t ones with big scallops in one shell, but a bunch of smaller scallops in the shell. They were still good but I try to remove some of the cheese as it becomes too heavy after a while.

For crawfish lovers, they actually serve crawfish as well, but I’m just too lazy to eat them.

Their teppanyaki has a good selection too: salmon, chicken, steak, veggies, shrimps, noodles and a variety of veggies.

For desserts, they have soft-serve ice cream, chocolate fountain, creme brulee, creme puffs and more.

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Hope this Torrance restaurant review helps you decide if this is the buffet for you. I’m always open to new restaurants so please let me know what you find are the best buffets in Torrance.

Vegas Seafood Buffet
Website / Address: 3525 W. Carson St. Torrance, CA 90503

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