Sushi Omakase at Yuzu No Hana | Toronto, Ontario

Yuzu no Hana is an upscale Japanese restaurant in the Entertainment District of Toronto.

A lot of you may not know but it is created by the same owner as Japango. But for some reason, I have always preferred Japango over this place, especially for Chirashi.

I recently went back to try their Omakase, and it sort of redeemed itself to me. For $55, you get 18 pcs of seasonal sushi. You won’t get the basic ones like salmon or tuna.

Our sushi omakase consisted of the following: belt fish, king salmon, suzuki, isaki, red seabream, aji, shima aji, uni, amberjack, yellowtail, whiting, scallop, kurodai, otoro.

They were all very fresh and I really enjoyed the different garnishes they used in the different sushi. One thing I didn’t like so much is the rice. As I found it wasn’t sticky and chewy. Some of the fishes are new to me like belt fish, whiting and isaki.

I was surprised to find out that even if you sit at the sushi bar, they give the omakase in one shot on a plate. This is a little disappointing because I’m used to Zen’s sushi bar omakase experience where the chef hands out the sushi one piece at a time as it’s made. This ensures the sushi is fresh on the spot and hasn’t sat for a while, which affects the overall freshness by the time you eat it.

Yuzu no Hana
236 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 1W7

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