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Yuzu No Hana, Great Sushi Omakase Restaurant in Toronto

Yuzu No Hana in Toronto is a modern upscale Japanese restaurant in the Entertainment District, opened by the same people behind Japango.

Yuzu No Hana has a much bigger space that Japango, though you have to climb a set of stairs to get there. For some reason, I have always preferred Japango over this place, especially for Chirashi.

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Sushi Omakase at Yuzu No Hana

I recently went back to try their Omakase, and it sort of redeemed itself to me. For $55, you get 18 pcs of seasonal sushi. You won’t get the basic ones like salmon or tuna.

Our sushi omakase at Yuzu No Hana consisted of the following: belt fish, king salmon, suzuki, isaki, red seabream, aji, shima aji, uni, amberjack, yellowtail, whiting, scallop, kurodai, otoro.

They were all very fresh and I really enjoyed the different garnishes they used in the different sushi. Some of the fishes are new to me like belt fish, whiting and isaki.

One thing I didn’t like so much was the rice they use at Yuzu No Hana wasn’t sticky and chewy. I’ve always found the rice is paramount in sushi because, if it’s not good, you might as well do sashimi.

I was surprised to find out that even if you sit at the sushi bar, they give the omakase in one shot on a plate. This is a little disappointing because I’m used to omakase at Zen Japanese Restaurant‘s sushi bar, where the chef hands out the sushi one piece at a time as it’s made.

Doing this ensures the sushi is fresh on the spot and hasn’t sat for a while unlike having all the pieces pre-prepared on a plate. This affects the overall freshness by the time you eat it.

Yuzu No Hana is definitely one of the best places to eat sushi in Toronto that’s delicious, great selection and at an affordable price.

Yuzu No Hana
Website / Address: 236 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1W7

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